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10 Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

By on Jul 14, 2016
10 Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

Whether you’re going for style, storage or perhaps both, there are tons of bathroom vanity design ideas you can choose from. Of course, if you decide to go with real wood units, then be sure that they are water repellent and resistant to humidity. It’s also advised that you try to limit the amount of direct and/or prolong contact with water when it comes to real wood units. Bathroom vanities vary in shapes, colors and sizes, so you have a vast collection to choose from.

Hopefully, with the list of bathroom vanity design ideas below, you can get even closer to finding a vanity that works for your family’s needs, but also adds style to your space. And, if you need help installing one of the beautiful designs below, ImproveNet can connect you with up to four bathroom remodeling pros in your area!



This style is timeless and elegant. Sure it may not provide much storage, but it offers a ton of character to your space. Like the photo, you can pair a washstand with white walls, contemporary lantern fixtures and a shower stall with glass doors. Although the sink has towel racks, there’s not a ton of storage space, so it might work best in a roomier bathroom area with alternate storage.

Single Sink

Single Sink

I know you might be a bit skeptical when it comes to single sinks. I mean, with all the extra space double sinks have to offer, I don’t blame you. But hear me out. In a spacious bathroom, you’re able to get a single sink that has a ton of storage cabinets and based on the style you choose, it can add a bit of personality to a rather boring bathroom design. In this French country design, wall sconce lighting, tile flooring and off white painted cabinets create a romantic space.

Freestanding Vanity


Storage is a bit limited, but with a freestanding sink, you have the opportunity to add an element of elegance to your bathroom. The detailing on this millwork sink is magnificent. Be sure to pair with bright walls, dark tile flooring, framed wall art and a round vanity mirror for a modern touch.

Perch Sinks

Perch Sinks

This bathroom vanity looks great aesthetically, but might be better utilized in a bath that doesn’t require much storage. The wall-hung design with an open shelf at the bottom is light and airy and adds to the visual appeal of your space. The bottom shelf is a great place to stack fresh towels for the family. In this contemporary style bathroom, recessed lighting, high arched faucets and a large drop-in tub complement each other very well.

Petite Vanity


A petite sink is a great addition to a guest bathroom because you don’t typically need a ton of storage in them. It’s the perfect match. Choosing a vanity with character can add much needed pizzazz to a boring bathroom. This green vanity with beige granite counters and matching vanity mirror blend nicely with tan painted walls and hardwood floors.

Floating Vanity

Wall Mounted

Also known as a “floating vanity,” this design works well in compact/tight bathroom spaces. You have the opportunity to use as much open wall area as possible. The clear space underneath allows for yet another airy look, which is what you’re looking for in a smaller bathroom. This homeowner decided to go with dark wood cabinetry paired with off white quartz countertops, gray tile floors and undercabinet lighting to enhance the design scheme.  

Colorful Vanity


The great thing about a colorful vanity design is that you can get as creative as you’d like. The design might be loud or subtle, whichever goes along with your design scheme. Try this bathroom vanity design idea in a neutral bathroom and see the difference it makes. In this old world style bathroom, green granite countertops pair with a decorative pewter sink, faux wood vanity cabinetry and a light blue circular mirror.

Kid's Vanity

For the Kiddos

Ok, for those of us who have kids, we understand the necessity for ample storage if we don’t want their bathrooms looking like a tornado just passed through. For multiple kids, it might be best to add a double vanity. That way, everyone has their own space in a sense. Tons and tons of cabinets and drawers are desirable. Also, because it’s a kid’s bathroom, try to incorporate as many bright colors as possible.

Sturdy accessories like a wood framed vanity mirror, granite countertops and undermount sinks are crucial, as they will withstand a lot as your kids grow up. Along with the fun colors, continue with playful décor like the Native American wall art in this southwestern bathroom. It’s sure to capture the kids’ attention.


Umpteen Storage

If your biggest concern is making sure you have a designated area for absolutely everything in the bathroom, then a vanity with large drawers that stack on top of each other may be your best bet. However, when deciding on a large vanity, choosing the right color is crucial. You don’t want a bright color that’s going to take all the attention from everything else in the room.

Like the photo, try a neutral toned vanity. This way, it still has a bit of character and doesn’t overwhelm your bathroom design. Having some glass front cabinet doors prevents your vanity from looking clunky with a ton of drawers. Try pairing with a beige painted wall, stone sinks and tile flooring.

Custom Vanity


If you haven’t come across a vanity design idea that fits your bathroom, then maybe you need a custom vanity. Nothing can beat having something designed specifically to your taste or style. The great thing about a custom design is that you can have as much storage as you need. But on the other end, if your storage needs are covered, then you can play around and get a bit more creative with your vanity. Just remember to have it flow seamlessly through your bathroom design scheme.


Whether you’re going for style or storage, there are tons of bathroom vanity design ideas that you can choose from. Available in many shapes, sizes and colors, you are sure to find just the right one for your needs.

Are there any other bathroom vanity design ideas that you’ve incorporated into your space?

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