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2017 Lighting Trends

By on Dec 19, 2016
2017 Lighting Trends

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If you’ve turned on the light recently and noticed your fixture looking a little less than fabulous, now may be the time for an update. The start of a new year is a great time to take an old, outdated light fixture from drab to fab.

Lighting trends change from year to year, so it’s important to know the latest styles and innovations so you can have the latest in your home. To help, we’ve rounded up some of the top lighting trends of 2017.

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Cost To Install A Light Fixture

Cost To Install A Light Fixture

Changing a light fixture in a room could make all the difference in your home décor. Some fixtures you can easily DIY, while others you’ll need the help of a pro to safely connect any new wiring. The average cost to install a new light fixture is $454.

Statement Floor Lighting

Statement Light Fixtures

Let the lighting in your room become the décor focal point. This new year, statement light fixtures are hot. Chandeliers with a modern and sleek design are taking center stage this year, utilizing non-traditional materials such as wood and black metal. The good news as that these contemporary chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes. This is the perfect addition to a dining room where you could use a décor upgrade. Contact a pro to help you install a chandelier.

Additionally, the contemporary floor lamp is making a comeback not only as a light fixture but as an important décor element. Arched floor lamps make the perfect addition to any living room or reading nook. While tripod floor lamps are giving any room in the home a mid-century modern feel. Look for lamps that don’t just provide light, but also style.

Industrial Lighting Design

Industrial Lighting Design

One of the hottest trends this year is industrial lighting design. Think rugged and raw materials that are unfinished and sometimes exposed. This style is extremely versatile and can fit into a variety of décor themes, such as farmhouse or contemporary. Exposed Edison bulbs and pendant light shades will help give you the look, regardless of what type of light fixture you’re looking for.

Statement Light Fixture

Modern Lighting Décor

Geometric shapes and smooth finishes give modern lighting décor it’s sleek look. Much of the design is incredibly minimalistic, in line with the home décor trends of 2017. Black, chrome, and white finished light fixtures will illuminate the room, without taking away from the modern design elements. Modern table lamps are an easy way to incorporate this trend without splurging for a completely new light fixture.

Wall Sconce Lighting

Wall sconce lighting has made a comeback in recent years largely due to the availability of different styles. Wall sconces can be easily changed to match the latest trends. If you have an empty bare wall, especially in a hallway or stairwell, a wall sconce can be a functional way to add wall décor. Look for modern or industrial wall sconce style to stay on trend for 2017.

Kitchen Lighting Trends

Kitchen Lighting Trends

If there’s anywhere in the home where you should be considering a lighting upgrade, it’s the kitchen. After all, more light is needed here than anywhere else to properly measure ingredients and cook meals for your family. Here’s a few new lighting trends to consider adding to your kitchen this year:

Undercabinet Lighting

If you haven’t seen the light yet, undercabinet fixtures can be extremely helpful in the kitchen. There are many options available that are easily installed yourself. While some function as traditional switch lights, there are options now available to push and easily turn on. It’s also a lighting project that can help you increase your kitchen’s value.

Energy-Saving Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is a trend that will never go out of style, especially in the kitchen. Now, you can incorporate energy-saving options into your recessed lighting with LED bulbs. Not only do these save energy, but they can last up to 10 times longer than fluorescent light bulbs. The average cost of recessed lighting per light is between $20 and $150, depending on the materials you choose.

Bathroom Lighting Trends

Bathroom Lighting Trends

The bathroom is another area where lighting is important. The right lighting can help you prepare for your day or unwind into a relaxing evening. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel this year, consider a trendy bathroom lighting upgrade.

Mirror Lighting

If you’re getting ready for the day, mirror lighting is essential. This helps reduce shadows and create even illumination. This is a must for any bathroom remodeling project.

Dimmer Switch

Heading to the bathroom in the middle of the night is typically met with a bright light that’s unavoidable until now. A dimmer switch for your bathroom is a necessity this year. Adjust the light to your preference any time of day or night. This also helps to save energy and cut costs in your home. The average cost to install a dimmer switch is between $13.50 and $40.50 per switch.


Your lighting should make a statement in 2017. You’ll be surprised at how a small lighting update can truly change the look of an entire room. Stick with modern or industrial fixtures that are trendy and don’t forget to save energy where you can.

Planning on making your light fixture installation a DIY project? Read DIY Tips For How To Install A New Light Switch.

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