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6 Cabinet Hardware Ideas That Instantly Update Your Kitchen

By on Sep 2, 2016
6 Cabinet Hardware Ideas That Instantly Update Your Kitchen

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The little things in life sometimes can mean the most. The same is true for kitchen décor. Details matter when it comes to home decor If you’re remodeling, it can be hard to keep track of the small items you need to update in comparison to the larger ones.

Kitchen cabinet hardware is one of those items you should pay close attention to. As an object you use frequently, it can quickly change the look of a room. Whether you’re remodeling completely or just need a quick update to your kitchen, these cabinet hardware ideas will refresh your style.

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Kitchen Hardware Knobs

Where to Start

Choosing your kitchen hardware is a great way to customize the look of your cabinetry and drawers. From pulls to knobs and handles, you can get your kitchen cabinet hardware in almost any shape you desire. Choosing the right shape mainly depends on personal preference. I once had handles that we’re a bit snug on my finger when I opened a cabinet. As a result, every time I shut a cabinet, the hardware would tug my finger. After a short time, enough was enough and I switched out my handles for knobs with no further issues. You’d never imagine a small detail such as cabinet hardware type would cause so much frustration, but it truly does make a difference.

Additionally, you’ll want to take a look at finishes very closely when choosing your cabinet hardware. If your faucet and other appliances are stainless steel, you’ll want to choose a cabinet hardware option that is close to that finish. Otherwise, the two will cause a clash of design in your kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Hardware

1. Modern Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

If you’re looking for a style that’s hot right now, look no further than modern cabinet hardware. This look features sleek, straight handles in horizontal lines, usually in a stainless steel or chrome finish. The hardware is skinny and will likely stand out against the color of your cabinetry. Another option is a rounded, long and vertical handle in the same finish.

2. Vintage Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

When you think of a vintage kitchen look, what do you think of? Many times, it's big, rounded knobs in a brass or ceramic white finish. If you have a solid wood cabinet in a dark finish, this hardware option is sure to stand out and complete the look.

Modern Kitchen Hardware

3. Traditional Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

For those considering putting their home on the market soon, it’s likely your looking at what parts of your home to freshen up to impress potential buyers. Changing your cabinet hardware to a traditional option can make a huge difference. Small, ridged handles in a dark finish or square knobs is a cabinet hardware pick that will stand the test of time.

Rustic Kitchen Hardware

4. Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

When decorating your rustic kitchen, a little bit of detail can go along way! There are many round, cast iron options that have designs that look great in rustic kitchens. If cast iron is too dark for your cabinets, look for an antique pewter finish. The detail within the hardware itself will certainly add to the look. This option also works well for a farmhouse style kitchen, giving it a great country feel.

5. Unique Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

What if you can’t decide on kitchen hardware? It’s OK to mix and match! Pick patterns and finishes that complement each other and install them in a repeating pattern for a look that is custom to your style. It’s easy to switch up this look as you please. However, this might not impress a potential homebuyer if you choose to sell in the future. Consider updating to more traditional cabinet hardware when it comes time to sell.

Neutral Kitchen Hardware

6. Neutral Kitchen Hardware

Many homeowners want a timeless kitchen, so they choose neutral colors like beige, gray and white. You’ll want your cabinet hardware to work with this theme. Look for solid square knobs or pulls in a stainless steel finish. A great choice to stay neutral but still add style is with a cupped cabinet pull. This is a look that will last.

Modern Kitchen Hardware

Kitchen Hardware Installation

Often, the hardest part in updating your kitchen hardware is deciding what will look best in your kitchen. The installation can be a simple DIY that will likely take less than two hours. However, if your kitchen cabinet hardware requires more than just a few screws but rather new fittings on your cabinets or drawers, contact a pro to ensure all of your new hardware fits perfectly.


Before you head to the store, know that there are hundreds of cabinet hardware designs available. This can likely get overwhelming. Use the above ideas to stay focused on your design theme and search for the choices that are right for you. Then, you can be certain your kitchen will have a refreshed and unique look.

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