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A Modern Bathroom Makeover

By Katie Carlson on Jan 18, 2016
A Modern Bathroom Makeover

How many times have you thought about remodeling your bathroom? Your bathroom is a room you can’t live without and it deserves your undivided attention. A modern makeover is sure to give your bathroom that contemporary and stylish look we can all appreciate. See how a few strategic updates can transform your bathroom from old-fashioned and outdated to chic and cutting-edge.



Don’t be in the dark about what’s hot in bathroom lighting. Get creative with your vanity, ceiling, shower and cabinets. Instead of installing a single light fixture above your mirror, think about adding wall-mounted lights on either side of your vanity. Scones, squares and cylinders are a few modern light fixture shapes that will help you execute this look. In addition to design options, there are different types of lighting you must know.

Task lighting will increase illuminance and improve contrast. Use decorative lighting to enhance the beauty and character of your bathroom. Decorative lighting catches the eye and will give your bathroom style. Some examples of decorative lighting are chandeliers, candles and unique fixtures that create that wow factor. Another idea is to install accent lighting to highlight interesting features in your bathroom, such as plants, artwork and shelving décor.  

Two other modern lighting trends include installing a back-lit mirror or under-cabinet lighting. Whatever your selection, implementing any of these small touches is sure to illuminate and modernize your bathroom.



We sometimes forget that updating a bathroom sink is a simple project that can really make a difference in your bathroom. A sink doesn’t have to be white and traditional. Installing a new bathroom sink gives you the chance to spice things up. You can be adventurous and tasteful all at the same time. Shape, color, size and material should all be taken into consideration when choosing a new bathroom sink. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and make a statement. There are so many possibilities that you’ll want to make sure your sink fits in with your overall design theme. Lushome says that common materials used to make modern bathroom sinks include porcelain, glass, wood, natural stone, contemporary colored concrete and attractive artificial stone. 

Replacing a bathroom sink is a big deal as it can dramatically affect your overall design. It’s important to be aware of the latest bathroom sink trends and mindful of what modern fixtures you’re selecting.



You’ve selected your new bathroom sink, but let’s not forget about the modern fixtures you’ll need to compliment your new piece. You want them to be both comfortable to use and stylish. Pay attention to your faucets finish since it’s an important modern design element that often gets overlooked. There are many fixture options including:

  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Chrome
  • Nickel
  • Gold-Plated
  • Oil-Rubbed Metals
  • Matte or Shiny Finish
  • Smooth Satin Sheen
  • Textured

Selecting sink fixtures is a chance to customize and stylize. High-tech faucets are another trend that is coming to a store near you. These faucets have been around for a while in public bathrooms and offices, and now residential homes are starting to follow suit.



Whether it’s a pop of color, eye-catching artwork or bold paint, accessories are critical in the decorating process. Accessories are the final touches that bring everything together.  A bathroom that gives off natural beauty is going to be big this year. Plants are a very budget-friendly way to get this look. Another way to get a natural look would be to add a touch of natural wood. Something as simple as the Kleenex box, the bathmat or shower decorations absolutely matter. Pay attention to the extras that add a personal touch. It’s the details that count.



Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the trendiest of them all? You are, if you are strategic about what mirror design you install. The bathroom mirror is a fun piece to research and pick out. There are various shapes, frames and lighting styles you can play with. The bathroom mirror options are endless. You can go long instead of tall, install two instead of one or add some shimmer and lighting. You’d be surprised what unique styles you can find at a decent price point. Click here to get an idea of how much it costs to purchase a new mirror.


At the end of the day, a lot of our bathroom remodeling decisions are going to come down to cost. Our bathroom cost guides offer a lot of valuable information and advice about pricing so you can budget appropriately. Take the time to do your research and find how you can get the pieces you want without breaking your bank. Don’t just go with the first thing you see and be sure to get professional guidance if you’re feeling overwhelemed by all of the choices. It’s time to get with it and start your modern bathroom makeover. What are you waiting for???


We all know that updating your bathroom is something that needs to be done at one point or another, and there’s no better time than the present. If you’re looking to get a modern look and feel, start by implementing the ideas suggested in this article. You will be on your way to creating a brighter and better bathroom for you and your family. And trust me, you won’t regret it.

A bathroom makeover doesn’t have to be a painful project. Click here if you’re looking to remodel your bathroom and we’ll send you quotes from pros near you.

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