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Brick Patio Or Wood Deck

By on May 7, 2014
Brick Patio Or Wood Deck

Picking whether to build a brick patio or wood decks depends on the finished look you want in your yard. Determining whether the formal brick or casual wooden deck appearance is the first step in picking which will decorate your backyard.

Brick can be laid directly on sand, which makes it a little more casual, or it can be laid on a concrete slab and mortared in place for a more lasting and formal appearance. Brick readily conforms to any curves or angles you wish to apply, as well as a great number of patterns. 

Wood decks are generally quite linear, running the length of the boards. Changing the direction of the run can easily break up long, straight lines though. Decks go down relatively quickly. Of course, if you are building several feet off the ground, a deck is vastly easier than trying to construct a support system for a brick patio. Wood decks require some maintenance, such as sealing, cleaning, and repairs to damaged wood.

Both brick and wood can be slippery and mossy in wet, damp areas. 

There are five main factors to consider when deciding between a wood deck or brick patio. These include:

  1. Elevation: If the height from your back door to the yard isn’t very high, then building a wooden deck is not going to make much sense and laying a brick patio will be easier. The opposite will be true if the elevation is very high.

  2. Maintenance: Patios require less maintenance than decks. How much maintenance do you want to be doing on your backyard structure?

  3. Additional features: Firepits and wood decks do not mix, due to the flammable hazards associated between fire and sealants on wood. Hot tubs also do not do well on decks usually because of the extra weight.

  4. Design: Decks usually have to be straight and rectangular because of the wood, whereas laying concrete in a pattern means that curves and circles are easier.

  5. Cost: They’re pretty similar between the two until you start considering the more expensive options like more expensive types of wood against complex types of patios like flagstone or paver stone. In which case, it will come down to just how much you want to invest. 

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