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Top Tips For Cleaning Hardwood Floors

By on May 7, 2014
Top Tips For Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Hardwoods for flooring include oak, maple, and birch. You'll find others in some regions, too. Pine planks are the backbone of the country-style design, but they're not nearly as durable as hardwood. The romantic warmth of traditional wood floors wins and holds the loyalty of many. If cared for properly and refinished every 15 to 20 years, wood floors can easily last a lifetime.

Basic care for hardwood floors should include dusting the floor with a mop to pick up any dirt that could hurt the surface. Either weekly or biweekly the floor should be vacuumed with a floor brush attachment or an electric broom. Do not use a vacuum with a bar, as it could scratch the floor. You can also quickly dust the surface use disposable static cloths.

For deeper cleaning every now and again, use a wood-cleaning product diluted in water. Saturate a sponge or rag mop in it and mop the floor damply. Do not soak the floor. You do not standing water on the wood floor, as it could damage it. Rinse with clean water and wipe up excess water. If you live in a humid climate, put a ceiling fan or a standing fan near the surface to dry it off more quickly to prevent damage to the floor.

When you need to remove marks from the floor, use a soft cloth with wax or detergent depending on the stain that’s in the floor. Do not use oils, as it could ruin the finish on the floor.

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