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Dining Room Chandeliers That Create Conversation

By on Mar 15, 2017
Dining Room Chandeliers That Create Conversation

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A dining room is a place where company can gather and enjoy a meal together. Unlike kitchens, dining rooms are a place to rest and relax with those you love. The décor of the room can also impact the conversations around the table. That’s why it's so important to include items you love in your dining room.

One feature that takes center stage in the dining room is the chandelier. Valued for both function and décor, it’s an item that can easily enhance the space. If you’re looking for a piece to talk about over dinner, look up! See a few chandelier ideas that will inspire conversation.

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Light Fixture Installation Costs

The good news is that statement lighting is hot this year. If you want to update your dining room without spending a fortune, replacing a light fixture with something new could be just what's needed. However, installing on overhead light fixture on your own is not recommended. Unless you have a background in electrical work, you could be putting yourself and your home in harm’s way. As a general rule, leave electrical projects to the pros. The average cost to install a light fixture is $418, with most homeowners spending between $176 and $375.

Linear Dining Room Chandelier

Linear Dining Room Chandelier

Dining rooms come in all styles and often, you’ll have to match your lighting to the décor that already exists in the space. A simple solution that matches all styles is a linear or rectangular dining room chandelier. This feature spans horizontally and looks great over a long table. From mid-century modern to farmhouse style, there is a linear dining chandelier that will fit any look.

Lantern Chandelier

Lantern Chandelier For The Dining Room

If you’re looking for a traditional look but want still want a decorative element that pops, a lantern chandelier is a great choice. While it hangs vertically like a traditional chandelier, the lighting is usually surrounded by a metal frame. They also come in various sizes, so a lantern chandelier can be the perfect addition to a small dining room.

Modern Chandelier

Modern Dining Room Chandeliers

For a style that really stands out, modern dining room chandeliers are the way to go. This style of chandelier comes in many variations and sizes, but is often characterized by its straight lines and geometric shapes. Look for metallic and chrome finishes. Due to the unique look of modern dining room chandeliers, it’s sure to be a talking point for all who enter the room.

Rustic Chandelier

Rustic Dining Room Chandeliers

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For a warm and cozy feel to your dining room, a rustic chandelier might be the way to go. Dark wood and cast iron come together to create a light fixture that’s worth looking at. This décor element often looks good over a wood table to match. While many rustic dining room chandeliers come in a linear variety, globe and vertically hanging chandeliers are also representative of this style as well.

Traditional Dining Room Chandeliers

For some homes, the traditional look is just what it needs to bring the room together. Traditional chandeliers have a few bulbs and sometimes adorned with hanging glass pieces. They bring a look of elegance to a room. If you’re planning to sell your house soon, replace your dining room light fixture with a timeless option as it blends well with any style.

DIY Chandelier

DIY Dining Room Chandeliers

With sustainability efforts at the forefront of homeowners’ minds, it’s no wonder more and more people are turning to DIY options for décor items and repurposing old for new. Nothing creates conversation quite like an item you made yourself!

Mason jar chandeliers have become more popular for farmhouse styles and can be a fun project to do with the right materials. Some simply repaint an old chandelier. My favorite is the DIY string chandelier. This modern-looking chandelier is an easy DIY project for anyone to make, with many items you can find at your local craft store. See this tutorial from Carey Creates on how you can make one for your dining room.

Small Dining Room Chandeliers

For those with small dining rooms, never fear. You can have a light fixture that effortlessly adds style to your space. While most styles of chandeliers come in various sizes, you may want to have measurements of your room on hand while you're looking at options. Linear chandeliers might not be the best choice for your small space, as the rectangle shape may make the room look smaller.


A dining room provides a space for you to welcome your guests, both with your hospitality and décor. A new chandelier can instantly update the look of your room and provide a conversation piece that may have been missing.

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