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Do You Make These 3 Landscaping Mistakes?

By on May 5, 2014
Do You Make These 3 Landscaping Mistakes?

Landscaping is easily one of the most popular DIY projects. The simplicity and short time commitment make it a common DIY undertaking, but as always, there’re a few mistakes many homeowners make on a daily basis. If you are tackling you’re landscaping maintenance yourself, make sure you avoid the following three mistakes.

Don’t Over-Water Your Lawn

Everyone does it. When we forget to water our lawn this week, that just means we can over-water it next week. Sadly, watering a lawn is not like other construction projects. If a contractor misses a day of work on a bathroom remodeling project, most of the time, they’ll just put in a few extra hours the next day. The same can’t be said of watering or maintaining your lawn.

As our friends at HomeAdvisor point out, most lawns only need 1" of water each week, and for most climates, keeping it damp during the middle of the day in the summer is usually all it needs.

Bonus Tip: Water your lawn early or mid morning so it doesn’t sit on top of your lawn, allowing fungus and other germs to infiltrate the beautiful landscape you’re working so hard to sustain.

Landscape Mistake - Cut Lawn Too Short

Don’t Cut Your Lawn Too Short 

Many DIY landscapers love mowing their lawn. It can give you piece of mind and provide a relaxing activity on a cool, spring night. On other hand, many Americans consider this the most hated chore and skip it all together. Well, much like watering a lawn, just because you miss a scheduled lawn cutting, it doesn’t mean you should trim more grass the following session.

As part of photosynthesis (remember learning this in 5th grade?), your lawn needs to produce sugar and allow sensitive roots to be exposed to sunlight. This is the only way your lawn will grow and keep its shiny, green exterior. Cutting your lawn too short ruins and shocks your lawn system. As a result, the clippings will be too thick to cut and brown patches will start to show because the plants are unable to produce extra shoots. Once this happens, homeowners start to water their lawns more than needed. As you read above, this is another common mistake to DIY landscaping.

Landscape Mistake: Over-Water

Skip High Maintenance Landscaping Projects

Whether you’re an experienced DIY landscaper or just starting out because you want to save a few bucks, you know how much time and effort you’re going to put into your yard. Just like working out and getting in shape, you know how much effort is needed to lose those extra pounds before your wedding. You wouldn’t have a goal of losing 100 Ibs. if you knew you only had time to lose 20 Ibs. The same goes for landscaping. Do not bite off more than you can chew.

High maintenance landscaping projects, like tree landscaping, require a lot of time and energy. Neglect will not be an option. Instead of being blinded by that gorgeous pond or bed of colorful flowers around it, focus on planting other species common to your area. Better yet, focus on species that require the amount of time you are willing to put in. Believe it or not, you can still have a beautiful yard with low maintenance designs and plants. 


Make sure you don’t make these three DIY landscaping mistakes. Over-watering or cutting your lawn too short is never the right solution for negligence. Likewise, never take on high maintenance landscaping projects if you know you don’t have the necessary time to care for it. If you avoid these three landscaping mistakes, your lawn will look great and you will be proud to call yourself a DIY landscaper.

For more spring lawn care tips, please check out Important Tips for Water-Efficient Lawns.

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