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Easy To Clean Kitchen Design Tips & Guidelines

By on Dec 26, 2015
Easy To Clean Kitchen Design Tips & Guidelines

When you have to design a kitchen, you will have to be as thorough as you can be to keep things both practical and aesthetically pleasing. The way you can go about this can vary, but for the most part, you will need to be able to plan for a good-looking kitchen with a practical side to it that you can rely on.

The following examples will not only ensure a functional and design-friendly kitchen, but one that very easy to clean.

Planning Is Key

Prior Planning is Key

When you plan on a major redesign for your kitchen, you will need to consider function above looks, as you’ll most likely be cooking quite a bit. When you work on the planning phase, you will need to seriously consider space constraints and whether it’s worth having a U or L-shaped cooking area or even an island if you have the space. Plan for appliances in such a way that they would be within easy reach of each other. A triangle of those will need to be within no more than six feet of each other.

The Importance of Storage

One of the most common mistakes a lot of people make is disregarding the importance of storage spaces in their kitchen. Good storage makes your kitchen much easier to clean as there is more space to actually put things away. Overhead cabinets will need to be closer or right against the ceiling to prevent leaving a gap that collects dust. Why clean an area you don’t have to?

Easy to Clean Kitchen Design Tips

Working with Lighting

Unlike how it is with other rooms around a home, the kitchen will need really good lighting. After all, it is one of the most trafficked rooms in the home. You don’t want to chop a finger by accident when you cook, so proper lighting is an absolute must. This will not only cooking easier, but also cleaning in general. Seeing things better will allow you to spot any stains on the counters, the floors and so forth, allowing you to deal with floor cleaning, oven cleaning and more with ease.

Power Source Distribution

You have to consider this as you move forward, which means getting all your power sockets within easy reach of the appliances, as well as having several spaced out in the kitchen for extra appliances should the need arise. Make sure they are located away from the stove.

Power Source Distribution


If you want to have a kitchen that is truly easy to clean, you will need to work with surfaces and materials that allow for proper cleaning. Traditional kitchens had tiles all over, but that doesn’t have to be the case for you. Glass backsplashes, vinyl and linoleum floors are all fair choices nowadays, allowing you to make cleaning a breeze compared to a tiled kitchen.


When all is said and done, you will have a truly excellent kitchen that is not only practical, but also easier to maintain and keep clean throughout its lifetime. Start your planning, research today and have an easier time tomorrow!

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