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Getting Rid Of A Tree Stump

By on May 7, 2014
Getting Rid Of A Tree Stump

Often, homeowners decide to remove a tree but leave the stump behind. While there is nothing wrong with this temporary solution, it certainly isn't a good long-term plan. Not only are tree stumps unattractive, they can also be a hazard on your property. They also attract insects, and they make mowing the lawn more difficult. Here are some tips for removing tree stumps as well as what to expect if you have a tree stump professionally removed.

Drill holes and pack with salt

If you want to remove a tree stump on your property without spending a lot of money or investing a lot of effort, one of the simplest options is to drill holes and pack them with salt. Using a standard drill, you will start by boring 20 or more holes into the top and the sides of the stump. Then, pack each hole with any kind of standard table or rock salt. The chemical makeup of the salt will draw out all of the stump's moisture, effectively killing it. To speed up the process, you can cover the stump with a sheet of plastic for a few weeks.

Burn away the stump

This is another option for stump removal that won't be expensive, but it is only effective in neighborhoods where burning is allowed. In addition, you should only try this if the stump is far from any structures like homes or barns. Dig a small hole into the top of the stump and pour in charcoal. Then, light the charcoal on fire. Eventually, the stump will begin to smolder and burn away. Stand by with water and gravel so that you can put the fire out quickly if necessary. 

Dig out the stump

Digging out a stump is incredibly labor-intensive, but it can be one of the fastest and most affordable ways to get rid of the stump in just a few hours. Dig around the stump until you can see roots, and cut those with an ax or saw. You can use a high-pressure hose near the base of the stump to remove dirt and reveal any more roots. Continue this process until you can push over the stump, which should be easy when more than half of the roots are cut.

Hire a professional

If you don't want to remove a tree stump on your own, you can hire a professional to use a grinder. With the help of large grinding machines, stumps can be gone in seconds. To remove a large tree stump, expect to pay anywhere from $82 to $150, which will cover labor as well as fuel costs for the grinder.

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