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Home Office Decorating Ideas

By Katie Carlson on Feb 24, 2016
Home Office Decorating Ideas

Your home office should be a spot where you go to be productive and, even though you’re working, feel at peace. This is accomplished by being selective about how you decorate the space.

It’s time to think outside the box and get creative with your design, colors, storage and décor. I’ve got lots of fun, new home office decorating ideas that I’m going to be sharing with you. Brace yourself, because I know this article will leave you inspired and thirsting for change!

Inspiration Boards

Inspiration Boards

One reason you may be struggling to get your work done when you’re at home is lack of inspiration. It’s not always easy to get yourself pumped up when you’re at home alone closed up in your office. The perfect solution for injecting new energy into your workspace and sparking your creativity is an inspiration board.

The board doesn’t have to focus on one topic. You should feel encouraged to make several boards and have them represent different goals and ideas you’ve been brainstorming. This is a great way to visualize your future and feel inspired and motivated to work hard. 

Bright Floors

Bright Floors

Incorporating bright floors will illuminate your home office from the ground up. While electrical lighting matters, so do the colors that you’re projecting from your floor and walls.

A simple and budget-friendly way to get bright floors is to select area rugs in lively colors and patterns. They’ll not only make the space more cheery, but rugs will make the room feel warm and cozy too.

Picture Wall

Picture Wall

Picture walls can be used to express your love for artwork, your family or your favorite hobbies. Bring life into your home office by showcasing beautiful photographs, activities you enjoy and people who make you feel happy to be alive. A picture wall is a great DIY project that’ll not only personalize your space, but fill a blank wall or two.


Creative Organization

Clutter isn’t a good look in any part of your home, especially your office. Productivity stems from how well your space is organized and how quickly you’re able to find what you’re looking for at any given time.

I love the piece of vintage furniture pictured in the example above because it’s a storage look that’s outside the box, beautiful and gets the job done. Wicker baskets, cute shelving and furniture that acts as storage are all attractive and practical solutions to consider.


Antique Accents

Incorporating accents in your home is one element of a well-executed interior design. In this case, old doesn’t mean worn-out. It means finding décor accents that are historic, deep-rooted in meaning and have character. Shop local vintage stores and select pieces that speak to you. 

Painted Strips

Painted Strips

Paint is always a great way to enhance the look of a room. One way to switch it up in your home office is to paint a striped accent wall.

The pattern makes the room look wider than it is and adds a bit of flair that I think every home office should encompass. By painting horizontal stripes, you’re guiding the eye around the room, giving it a larger appearance. Pick a fun color that makes you feel energized, or go with a classic, neutral tone that’ll never go out of style.


Killer Views

Location is a very important aspect of all home design projects. If you’re someone who typically works in a cubical, you may forget to incorporate natural light in your home office, but it’s one decorating idea you shouldn’t skimp on. Windows provide fresh air and are good for gazing out when you’re taking a mental break.

When you’re building an addition or scanning your house for the perfect home office location, don’t forget to consider accessibility to windows and natural light. This is especially important for someone who works at home a lot and doesn’t get outside much throughout the day.


Casual Library

I love the idea of creating a casual and comfortable place within your office to curl up and read a good book. Don’t just stack books on a shelf and watch them collect dust. Purposefully create a space that’s away from your immediate work area where you’re able to sit and escape for a few minutes. Keep the layout simple. Adding a few sitting chairs, a side table and a lamp will do the trick.  


You work hard and deserve a space that caters to your productivity and well-being. These decorating tips will create the perfect home office for getting things done in an environment you enjoy. We’d love to hear any other home office decorating ideas or tips you have in the comments section below!

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