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Hot Trends For A Boring Bathroom

By Katie Carlson on Jan 15, 2016
Hot Trends For A Boring Bathroom

The bathroom is the one room in the house you can guarantee family members and guests will see and use. Given this fact, it’s definitely a room you should pay attention to and upkeep, in style and cleanliness. I’m going to provide you with some pretty easy and budget-friendly trends you can use to update the style of your bathroom this year.

Your bathroom is a place you will visit daily and just the look and feel of it can affect your daily mood and overall satisfaction with your home. It’s time to do something about that boring bathroom and make some real changes. Below are 5 trends you should know before you restyle your bathroom.

Pop of Color

Pops of Color

Following a recommended color scheme or adding a pop of color to a white bathroom is a must. This can be as simple as making sure your towels, Kleenex box or bathroom mat is stylish and inviting. Other options include installing a colored sink or bold mirror frame. Think about how you would want to feel when walking into someone else’s bathroom; you want to be impressed, you want it to be clean and you want your mood to be lifted.

Gray will still be popular in 2015. The great thing about gray is that it’s timeless and neutral. It creates a canvas that can go just about anywhere and can be updated with little effort. Don’t be afraid to use color in conjunction with a gray color scheme. Color can be your friend if you strategize and do your research before you dive in. Getting a second opinion from a talented interior designer is never a bad idea.

Think about adding flowers or plants for a colorful and cozy look, or updating your bathroom floor. A bathroom floor does not have to be white tile. Think outside the box. It can have color. In fact, it’s very hard to keep a white tile bathroom floor clean. I think we can all agree that’s a good thing!


Trendy Accessories

Trends are important no matter the style of your home. A bathroom that gives off natural beauty is going to be big this year. As I mentioned above, plants are a very budget-friendly way to get this look. Another way to get a natural look would be to add a touch of natural wood.

With for your fixtures, look for chrome, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. You can also choose from a variety of different warm-colored coppery, brassy and bronze-y metals. High-tech faucets is another trend that is coming to a store near you. These faucets have been around for a while in public bathrooms and offices, and now residential homes are starting to follow suit.


Natural Light

Natural light is always a solid choice when it comes to sprucing up your bathroom. Think about adding skylights and windows to really draw in the sun’s beauty and the stars’ sparkle. By installing these additions, you also save energy by not having to turn the lights on and off as frequently. See how much it costs to install a new skylight.

LED lighting is another hot trend that you’ll start seeing more and more of. This type of lighting is hot in the bathroom, cabinets and just about everywhere else in the home. It simply comes down to personal preference and what works best for you and your home. 

DIY paint

Bold Paint

We’ve all done it, or at least thought about a DIY painting project. There are many trendy options when it comes to painting your bathroom. You can add texture, paint one wall or paint all of the walls, but the idea is to use the paint to make a bold statement. Make sure your décor flows nicely with the chosen paint color. Use paint to transform your bathroom from boring, to bold, bright and beautiful. Don’t be afraid to work with textures and patterns.

Not sure what color to choose or you’re curious about what each color represents? See How To Pick The Perfect Paint: The Psychology Of Colors.

Modern Bathroom

Update & Modernize

According to Daltile, in 2015, you should use the floor as the focus of the room. Geometric design is in and living walls are the new it thing. Also, the trendy home spa idea has inspired all sorts of natural materials and textures in the bathroom.

It’s encouraged that you use lines and geometric shapes in your bathroom this year. Don’t be afraid to invite nature into your bathroom and install a living wall with vertical gardens and plants. It will create a sentiment and healing environment (and add some style). Who wouldn’t want their bathroom to mimic a spa? Daltile suggests you use natural materials and textures such as wood, natural stone and touchable surfaces.

Ready to make a change to your bathroom floor? Find a pro near you who can assist.


No one wants a boring bathroom, but sometimes, we get busy and things get pushed to the backburner. Now is the time to freshen, change and accessorize the room where you and your guests spend time each day. Take one step at a time and you’ll soon be on your way to creating a trendy and stylish bathroom in 2015.

While a lot of these ideas are projects you can do yourself, don’t be afraid to consult or hire an expert. Find bathroom remodeling professionals in your area today.

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