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How To Keep Your Apartment Or House Cool Without Central Air Conditioning

By on Sep 23, 2014
How To Keep Your Apartment Or House Cool Without Central Air Conditioning

Every September, the weather starts to turn and colder temperatures creep up. As a result, many apartment buildings turn on their heat, leaving you in a sweaty apartment on those late summer days.

Even if you can’t turn on your air conditioner or don’t have a central air conditioning system all together, there are ways to cool your apartment. For those of you who love to lounge around in a colder apartment, sleep in lower temperatures under multiple blankets or just want to remove some heat from the apartment, the following tips are for you.

Window Air Conditioners

Sadly, many apartments do not come with central AC or a window unit. Well, window air conditioners (units) are the cheapest and easiest air conditioners to install.

Window units can fit into virtually any window. Some may consider this a professional job, but a majority of the renters and homeowners reading this blog can complete the project on their own.

On the down side, these units can be quite loud and heavy, making it somewhat difficult to install. Additionally, they usually cool one room and one room only. If you have a larger apartment, you’re going to need more than one window unit.

Block Sunlight

Ceiling Fans

The best way to circle some air around your apartment or house without an air conditioning unit is a ceiling fan. But, you first need some cool air to move around. Otherwise, any ceiling fan will just transport warm air from one area to the other. Open a few windows and then turn on the fan(s) closest to those windows.

If a fan is closer to the front door, open it and let some cool air come through. Many apartment buildings have cooler air blowing through the hallways.

If you own a house and are looking for ways to cool your home while reducing your AC intake, think about installing a whole house fan. They pull outside air through your windows and blow it into the attic. This lowers your HVAC costs and keeps your home cool in the fall.

Block Sunlight

The sun provides heat to many apartments, but when you’re looking for ways to cool your humble abode, it is an unwelcomed resource. Therefore, you must block the sunlight in the absence of AC. Replace your window screens with solar screens or add tint films to your windows.

Remember, south-facing windows bring in the most heat. Make sure you either install solar screens to these panels or leave the shades down whenever possible.

On the other hand, if your apartment is really hot, remove any caulk on the outside of your windows. You may get cold again when December rolls around, but that is a problem you can address later.

And don’t worry, we have you covered with caulking. See How To Caulk Your Windows Like A Pro.

Reduce Heat-Producing Appliances

While this tip is very simple in nature, many homeowners forget about it. The stove, oven, dishwasher, dryer and even lights bring with it extra heat. While I am not suggesting you boycott home cooking, if you really want to keep your apartment cool, try reducing these heat-producing appliances.

Perhaps use the microwave. Dry your clothes as you cook dinner. Turn off the lights in rooms you’re not using (save on electricity). Always keep these ideas in the back of your mind if you find yourself sweating within your own apartment or house.


There are ways to cool your home or apartment without a central air conditioning system. While some of the above tactics may not drop your inside temperature to a brisk 65°, they all help reduce heat and provide a more comfortable and relaxing setting.

Tired of waiting for your landlord to install an air conditioner? We can help.

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