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How To Uncover Hidden Storage Spaces In Your Apartment

By on Jun 11, 2015
How To Uncover Hidden Storage Spaces In Your Apartment

Sometimes, moving means you trade in extra closet space for a zip code upgrade. Don’t panic. Most people don’t take full advantage of the hidden spaces in their homes no matter what the size. 

At Unpakt, our customers have shared with us the best place for storage in their homes. Here are a few hidden storage spaces you might not be utilizing so you can find a place for everything you need in your new place!

Utilize Space Under Furniture

Utilize the Space Under Furniture

Make sure you are maximizing your storage by placing belongings that aren’t regularly used under furniture. You can easily store your belongings in plastic containers, wheeled storage baskets or custom DIY-ed wood drawers. If the items are too large to fit under your bed, you can purchase bed risers to lift your bed a few extra inches off the ground. We like the adjustable sets that can accommodate your stuff, whether you’re adding to or thinning your belongings at any given time.

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Don’t Waste Flat Space

You can hang organizers for your shoes and jewelry behind closet doors. Store kitchen items and cooking utensils on the side of your kitchen island or hang them above the stove. Organize your cleaning products by placing them on a hanging shelf on the inside of the cabinet door under your sink. Any flat space can easily be utilized for storage by adding hooks and decorative baskets.

Level Up

Level Up

Most closets waste a lot of vertical space, so add shelves or rearrange what’s already there when you move in to maximize your closet space. Your local home improvement store will also have decorative and easy to install options. Likewise, adding shelves on the wall in your bathroom, bedroom and living room is great for infrequently used items to keep clutter out of your way and out of your immediate line of sight.


Don’t let moving into a new place stress you out. With a little creativity, big things can definitely fit in small packages.

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