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Humidity In The Basement

By on Oct 20, 2013
Humidity In The Basement

If your basement is the location for your washer and dryer or your hot water heater, then there’s probably a lot of humidity buildup on a daily basis. The same can be said if you live in a humid climate where all the heat rises from the area and up into your home. Controlling the humidity in the basement helps to control the temperature in the rest of your home and prevents mold from growing in the area. Taking steps to prevent this will help you in both the short and long runs.

First, install a dehumidifier. Second, consider a thermostatically-controlled fan to blow moist air out. This will keep the room at a good temperature, which will prevent your heating and air conditioning system in the house above from turning on as often. It will also keep the humidity from building up and prevent mold.

Another plan is to update the insulation and caulking and insulating all cracks around the rim joist and basement walls. This will keep outside moisture and humidity from getting into the basement. By keeping the outdoor moisture from getting in, along with any rain or snow, you will be able to prevent a significant humidity change that could turn into a major leakage problem.

If there are windows in your basement, you will also want to make sure they are well-insulated and closed. You might even consider putting shades over them to keep the humidity and temperature down in the basement. If there’s a door to the basement, make sure that is properly insulated as well.

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