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Kitchen Backsplash Trends

By on Apr 5, 2016
Kitchen Backsplash Trends

Choosing the right backsplash when remodeling a kitchen can be a difficult task. You have to not only consider how it will look with your cabinets, countertops and floor, you also have to find something that appropriately suits your personality! You are the one who will be cooking and eating in your kitchen, so you want to find a backsplash that you truly love. There are so many different colors, materials and patterns to choose from, it’s always a good idea to do some research before jumping into a project.

Kitchen backsplashes undergo trends and fads just like any other design element in the home. Some people like to stay up to date and showcase the “in the moment” designs, while others prefer to find more timeless designs that can remain in a home for many years.

Whether you want to make a quick update or are planning on undertaking a full kitchen remodel, these kitchen backsplashes are worth a look.

Natural Stone Backsplash

Natural Stone

Stone backsplashes aren’t new, but they will continue to be a staple in 2015. There are many types to choose from, including granite, marble and slate, and they make great choices for homes that also have stone countertops. If you like the idea of a matching countertop and backsplash, see how much it would cost to install countertops in your area.

Natural Stone Backsplash

With stone, you have the option to go with a slab backsplash, which is durable and easy to clean, or a tile backsplash, which is the more affordable version.


  • Fits in with most kitchen styles
  • Tough and durable
  • Range of prices to fit most budgets


  • Will need to be sealed regularly to protect against stains from water, food and grease
  • Stone tiles tend to trap dirt and grime

Pebble Tile Backsplash

Pebble Tiles

This is the modern version of a stone backsplash that you will likely be seeing more of in 2015. Pebble tiles give your kitchen backsplash a textured, three-dimensional look that is sure to attract many compliments from friends and family. It also has the benefit of being one of the more affordable modern backsplashes. If you’re looking to bring a rustic feel to your kitchen, a pebble tile backsplash is the way to go.


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable


  • Difficult to clean
  • If installing yourself, grouting and cleaning can be tedious

If you’re looking to do a complete kitchen renovation, you can find cost estimates in your zip code using our Kitchen Remodel Cost Guide.

Stainless Steel Backsplash

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a great choice if you are looking for a dramatic kitchen backsplash that is also durable and easy to clean. It can be installed as tiles or as one solid piece. If installed as one solid piece, a major advantage is the lack of grouting and cracks, which is where food, grease and dirt tend to accumulate on other backsplash materials.

Stainless Steel & Stone Backsplash

Drawbacks of a stainless steel backsplash are that it can dent easily and it shows dirt more clearly. However, you can avoid denting by making sure is it is properly installed with a strong backing, and you can wipe away food, grease and fingerprints easily with soap and warm water.


  • Makes kitchen appear larger by reflecting light
  • Extremely durable
  • Stain-resistant and corrosion-resistant
  • No grouting or cracks to trap dirt, food or grease


  • Can scratch and dent easily
  • Fingerprints, food and grease show clearly, requiring frequent cleaning
  • Higher in cost than other backsplash options

Chalkboard Backsplash


Chalkboard backsplashes give your kitchen a fun and casual look and are one of the most practical, affordable and easy-to-install backsplash options out there. In fact, all you really need is some chalkboard paint and a few additional tools.


  • Affordable
  • Practical and easy to install
  • Fun for the whole family


  • Chalk dust can be a problem for people with allergies or asthma
  • Not a good fit for all kitchen styles

Glass Backsplash


Glass backsplashes have been around for some time and due to their timeless nature, they most likely aren’t going away any time soon. They come in a variety of options, making them a great choice if you’re looking for something to suit your unique taste. You can choose from mosaic patterns, classic subway tiles or solid glass panels, among others. Like stainless steel, glass kitchen backsplashes bounce light around a room, making it appear larger and brighter. Glass is also one of the most hygienic options for a backsplash. It is mildew-resistant, stain-resistant and easy to clean and maintain.


  • Creates illusion of larger and brighter kitchen
  • Mildew-resistant and stain-resistant
  • Available in recycled-glass options


  • Some glass tiles can be difficult to install
  • Hard to repair if scratched or cracked

If you’d like to see cost estimates in your area, check out our Glass Block & Tile Cost Guide.


Finding the right kitchen backsplash can be a daunting task with so many options out there. But just remember, if you take your time, do some research and go with a design that best suits both your kitchen and your personality, you will be sure to end up with a kitchen backsplash that you love.

Whether you are looking for a quick kitchen backsplash update or a complete kitchen renovation, we can connect you with professionals in your area. Click here to find kitchen remodeling contractors today!

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