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Kitchen & Bath Space Savers

By on Jan 18, 2016
Kitchen & Bath Space Savers

You just finished cleaning and now you’re wondering why it seems like you have so little space in the kitchen and bathroom. The usual reason for all this is clutter and things being crammed in places “to be further organized” sometime in the future after a thorough house cleaning. Think about items that could help you organize your kitchen appliances, cutlery, utensils and bathroom items without creating a clutter. Go around convenience stores near you and take a look at all their wares. Surely there are some practical objects that could help you put an order to the chaos of your kitchen and bathroom. Or, if you are creative and handy enough yourself, you can create your own space savers!

Kitchen Organizing

Kitchen Savers

But let’s focus in the issue room by room, starting with the kitchen. Racks and stands are the new thing in space saving. If you don’t have any, make some wall racks for all your pans and skillets and save cupboard space where you can organize dishes, cups and bowls. Another very useful tactic people do nowadays is install a wine rack in their kitchen walls – this is not only useful because you will save space when you free all your shelves of wine bottles, but you can store extra wine bottles from your cellar and save yourself trips downstairs. Sometimes, you can’t fit enough cookers and pots in a cabinet because their lids take too much space. In that case, install lid racks on the back of a cabinet door or on the wall. Wall-mounting is the new fad in kitchen outlooks, so you can try that out.

Stands, or kitchen-helpers, are very handy as well. You can mount all the spices and herbs, or make a tea stand. They will all be in plain sight and you won’t have to look for that slat shaker through all the clutter ever again. Be practical with the stands and place them at key locations around the kitchen. Also, organize on top all the small things it usually takes you half an hour to find while looking through drawers, shelves and cabinets.

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Bathroom Storage

Bathroom Savers

Bathrooms are very easy to organize, if you know what to look for. Most of the items there already have their place and are firmly set, so you can’t do anything about that toilet, bathtub, shower or sink. But you can find a place for all the cleaning products, mops, cloths, toothpastes, brushes, shampoos, soaps, conditioners and the rest of the containers that are cluttering your bathroom stands. One solution is to install wall shelves – this is a very useful thing, though it does take time to get use to the small space. But ultimately, it would be better to buy etageres. This is the controversial way of taking up space to save up space. But with the etageres, you will have all the space for every single tube, cup, soap or shampoo container you have.

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So next time you clean the house, think about organizing your things using the tactics above. After all, the best way to keep the house clean is to keep it decluttered.

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