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Landscaping to Reduce Traffic Noise

By on Oct 20, 2013
Landscaping to Reduce Traffic Noise

Traffic noise can really put a damper on an otherwise tranquil and relaxing backyard living space. There are a variety of landscaping methods that can help homeowners reduce unwanted traffic noise. Shrubs, hedges, trees and fences are all fantastic tools to accomplish this goal. In addition, it is often helpful to add some soothing white noise. Listed below are a few great landscaping tips for those looking to reduce traffic noise in their yards.

Traffic Noise Reduction Tips:

  • Plant evergreen trees.
  • Utilize tall hedges.
  • Plant varying types and sizes of shrubs. 
  • Install a privacy fence. 
  • Add white noise.

Plant evergreen trees

Most people think that just planting trees is enough to reduce unwanted noise. Regular trees will only block noise when they are full of leaves. Also, many trees only have leaves on their higher branches. Evergreen trees are perfect for noise reduction because their leaves don’t fall off seasonally, and many evergreen trees have leaves and branches that extend all the way to the ground. 

Utilize tall hedges

Tall hedges are great for blocking noise from a busy street. In addition, they also act as a privacy screen. Hedges do take a little time to grow, but they are a perfect choice for any homeowner who plans on spending a lot of time in their yard. Hedges require some regular maintenance as they grow. 

Plant varying types and sizes of shrubs

Shrubs are great for noise cancellation. Homeowners will have a variety of shrubs to choose from depending on their geographic location. Hardy native varieties make great choices for those who want low-maintenance noise cancellation. Native varieties often require very little care and water. It may be helpful to speak with a local nursery prior to purchasing and planting shrubs. 

Install a privacy fence

A privacy fence is an incredibly effective landscaping tool. Depending on how small the yard is, a privacy fence can be constructed in just a few days. Traditional wood-plank fencing makes a good economical choice for reducing traffic noise. Homeowners with larger budgets should consider brick and stone fences for more effective traffic-noise reduction. 

Add white noise

A great way to reduce traffic noise is to add soothing white noise to an outdoor living space. Fountains are a great way to bring a peaceful sound into an otherwise noisy backyard. A fountain also makes a beautiful visual addition to any backyard garden or patio. 

Combination approach

A combined approach is the best way for homeowners to reduce traffic noise in an outdoor living space. Planting trees, hedges and shrubs is a great start. Dedicated homeowners should also build a privacy fence and add some soothing white noise. When combining all of these noise-cancelling methods, the end result is a much more tranquil and relaxing outdoor living space.

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