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Metal Roofs Vs. Composition Shingle Roofs

By on Oct 20, 2013
Metal Roofs Vs. Composition Shingle Roofs

When deciding what kind of roof to install on your home, two popular kinds people usually come down to are metal roofs or composition shingles. Both have their pros and cons, and usually it’s a matter of budget that ends up making the decision.

Metal roofs are the more expensive option for roofing, but they are more durable in the long run as a result. They are sealed and painted to defend against bad weather conditions and moisture. They can go a whole lifetime without needing to be replaced. They're even sold with lifetime warranties. They are more fire resistant than composition or wood roofing and can be applied more quickly. Metal roofs can usually be installed right over the old roof. Their surface allows them to be painted any color, or they can be designed to look like other materials.

However, they are noisy, more expensive and easily damaged if walked on incorrectly. They also require roofing specialists for installation. Not every roofing professional has the background to be able to install then. This mean it will be expensive not only to purchase the materials, but to have them installed as well.

Composition shingles are cheaper and easy to install. They come in several different grades, which are judged by the guaranteed lifetime, usually 20, 30, or 40 years. The longer-lasting shingles are thicker and their shaped appearance makes a more attractive roof. They are a popular choice for builders since putting them up on a roof involves just arranging the shingles, and it’s easier to maintain them in the long run. However, they do blow off during high winds, and if you live in high heat climates, they can be damaged. As mentioned though, repairing them does not cost that much.

They’re durable and offer protection against fires. Fiberglass shingles in particularly provided the better fire protection, but any kind of composition shingles, including asphalt, can be waterproofed to protect against mold and mildew. They also come in a wide variety of designs and colors, so it leaves room for design choices on the part of the homeowner.

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