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Remodeling Trends From Winter 2014-15

By on Jan 19, 2016
Remodeling Trends From Winter 2014-15

While we live within our own confines, it’s important to know what types of remodeling projects others are undertaking. Knowing whether your neighbors are updating their living room, kitchen or flooring will not only shine a light on what potential buyers are looking for, but give you head start and what projects you should start considering.

Therefore, ImproveNet analyzed more than 133,000 home remodeling projects from November 2014 through March 2015 (winter), ranging from decking, HVAC, roofing, flooring, cleaning, plumbing and more.

Overall, we found that homeowners are focusing on bathrooms, kitchens and fences. It’s no surprise that bathrooms, kitchens or other interior rooms led the way in number of remodels, but there were a few big surprises that caught our eye.

See what trends emerged this past winter and how you can prepare yourself for a busy remodeling year ahead. If you’re ready to take the plunge, click here and get connected with a pro near you.

Remodeling Trends

Major Takeaways

Before jumping in, I’d like to highlight some of the biggest takeaways from our data. 

  • Remodeling is indeed seasonal. November and December only accounted for 24% of all projects this winter while March accounted for 35%.
  • Additions/Remodels, which include bathrooms, kitchens, basements and other interior rooms, accounted for 14% of all projects.
  • Right behind additions/remodels was fencing, which came in at 13.6%.
  • For specific projects, housekeeping led the way with 8,554 (6.4%) total projects, followed by installing or replacing a wood fence (5.8%), bathroom remodels (5.3%) and installing an asphalt shingle roof (4.5%).

Total Projects

As I already stated, the home renovation business is seasonal. As the weather gets nicer, more and more homeowners remodel. During the holidays (November and December), many homeowners like to save or spend money on gifts or vacations. That’s why retail does so well later in the year.

Well, this trend held true again as you can see below. By clicking on the image, you can see that the total number of projects in January and February nearly doubled the total number of projects in November and December. Expectedly, March led the way with 42,337 total projects (32%).

Note: Click on the image to see the full size.

Total Projects

Project Categories

Every project recorded falls under a specific category. As you can assume, installing a wood fence falls under the fencing category, replacing old windows falls under windows/doors and so on and so on.

By clicking on the image below, you can see that additions/remodels led the way with 18,772 projects (14%), followed by fencing at 18,198 (13.6%) and painting at 15,742 (11.3%). 

On the contrary, electrical, appliances, cabinets, countertops and landscaping came in with the lowest, all totaling less than 2.3%.

Note: Click on the image to see the full size.

Project Categories

Category Subcategories

Under each category are numerous remodeling projects ranging from basement remodeling, painting interior rooms and boiler repair to installing a new roof, repairing hardwood flooring and asphalt sealing.

By clicking on the image below, you can see which individual projects led the way for each category. With additions/remodels, bathroom remodeling led the way with 7,055 of the 18,772 projects (37.6%). A few other individual projects that led their categories were:

  • Fencing: Installing or replace a wood fence (42%)
  • Painting: Interior painting of five or more rooms (24%)
  • HVAC: Install or replace central HVAC (26%)
  • Roofing: Install asphalt shingle roofing (43%)
  • Flooring: Install or replace hardwood floors (24%)
  • Masonry: Install concrete driveway and floors (25%)

Note: Click on the image to see the full size.

Category Subcategories

All Projects

Finally, we broke out every remodeling project tracked through our system to showcase which individual projects were most popular, regardless of which categories they belonged to.

Note: Click on the image to see the full size.

Category Subcategories


With winter in our rearview mirror, it’s time to remodel. By knowing what specific projects your neighbors are renovating, you’ll know what aspects of your home need to be updated should you ever decide to sell.

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