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San Antonio Roofers: What To Ask Before You Hire

By on Mar 13, 2017
San Antonio Roofers: What To Ask Before You Hire

San Antonio, you didn’t really think we forgot about you, did you? Of course not! That would be like any proud Texan forgetting The Alamo! Fun fact: homes in San Antonio need roofs! San Antonio roofs need San Antonio roofers to roof those roofs, right?

When a San Antonio roofer meets with you at your home to discuss your roofing project, you’ll probably have some questions. Initially, these questions will include, “Who are you?” and “Why are you here?” However, you’re probably going to want to ask more than that to ensure your project goes as smoothly as a Tim Duncan jump shot. Here are some of those questions you should ask.

If you want to find a local San Antonio roofing company to have come to your house, you've come to the right place!

Question 1: Are You Licensed?

When you meet with a roofing company in San Antonio, you’ll want to ensure that they are indeed licensed to do the job you’re requesting of them. San Antonio roofing companies must be licensed through the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas, which tests and certifies roofers throughout the state. Among these tests are credit checks, reference interviews, insurance checks and a background check of the business purveyor. Licensed roofing contractors must prove that he or she is familiar with all required safety and regulatory roofing laws. Roofer companies must also recertify every two years to prove they’re up-to-date on their industry’s requirements. There are different certifications for residential and commercial roofing companies, so make sure the company you choose is certified for your type of job.

If your potential roofing contractor is not licensed, you’re taking a risk on your roof. Not only that, you’re also taking a risk on being conned out of your money. Go with the safe choice and ensure that your roofing pro is licensed.

Question 2: How Much Will The Project Cost?

Before you ask this question, which is probably one of your most pressing questions, make sure you consult our roofing cost guides. These will give you a good idea on how much you’ll be paying out of pocket for your roofing project. So, when a roofing contractor gives you a $6,000 gutter cleaning estimate, you know he or she is taking you for a fool. But you’re no one’s fool. You have ImproveNet’s cost guides on your side, so you can send that hornswoggling roofing rapscallion packing much like the 2014 San Antonio Spurs did to the Miami Heat.

However, if you’re getting estimates from multiple San Antonio roofing professionals, you’ll be able to not only cross reference said estimates with our cost guides; you’ll be able to pick the lowest bidder if price is your most important factor.

Question 3: How Long Will This Take?

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This question is very pertinent to those looking to repair their roofs. If there’s a hole in your roof, you’d like that patched up sooner than later and you’d like a contractor that can give you a short project completion time. Your roof is the Lamarcus Aldridge of your home, blocking anything that tries to get in from the air. While we can’t guarantee that the time quoted will be the time it takes to complete the roofing project, it’s good to get a quote from your potential contractor to set expectations. Also, depending on your project, knowing how long a roofing project can potentially take can help you organize and schedule the rest of your life while the project is underway. If you have to be out of your house for a week while your roof is replaced, it’s good to know ahead of time.

Question 4: Do You Have References or Reviews?

This question might be a little odd to ask, but if a San Antonio roofing contractor consistently does quality work, former customers will speak to that. Asking a roofing pro about previous projects and customer reviews will give you an idea of what to expect for your project. Also, this can help ease your mind about any pressing concerns you might have. It can be uncomfortable when searching for a roofing pro, like a Gregg Popovich mid-game interview. Knowing that other people have worked with your potential San Antonio roofing contractor and have survived the ordeal is like getting an assist from Tony Parker.


You’ll definitely have more questions when meeting with a local roofing pro that are more germane to your individual roofing project. However, I cannot read your mind to list those questions here and I am running dry on Spurs references, much like their drought of NBA championships between 1976 and 1999. Hopefully, now you have the basic questions to ask your San Antonio roofing contractor; so get started and get your free quotes.

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