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Small Bathroom Upgrades You Can Do In A Weekend

By on Mar 22, 2016
Small Bathroom Upgrades You Can Do In A Weekend

Are you getting tired of your bathroom design and features? Are you motivated to change some parts of the interior of this room in order to make it look better and feel more comfortable? If the answer is yes, you are on the right track with this project.

Doing bathroom upgrades yourself doesn’t necessarily have to take too much time. You know how long it takes for a thorough bathroom cleaning; a lot. Now, consider if you could use some of that time to install a new feature in your bathroom, which has the potential to completely transform the room. You can do that, with the upgrade suggestions outlined in this article. Read on to get some ideas on what you can implement over the course of a single weekend in your bathroom to make the place overall better.

Get Some Artworks for Your Walls

Make the Walls More Interesting

The walls on your bathroom should not look dull and boring. After all, you likely spend at least 15 minutes every single day, so it pays to have the place looking inspiring and beautiful. You want to feel good when you walk in there, and adding an interesting element to the walls can help with that. One possible idea is to feature beadboard, as it is easy to install and you can possibly do it yourself in little time. One alternative would be to install beadboard-style wallpaper, which has the same effect.

Get Some Artwork for Your Walls

Turn your bathroom into a gallery! You can do that by introducing some gallery-styled pictures in frames. That will change the feeling of the room completely and make it cozier and more stylish. Hang pictures on the walls to make for a whole different feel of the room. You will notice that even when you have to do something as boring as cleaning, you will feel great.

Bathroom Vanity Upgrade

Give Your Bathroom Vanity A New Look

Don’t think that the only way to introduce a new focal point in your bathroom is to get a new vanity. Instead of that, you can give your existing vanity a new look by painting it. This is by far the easiest upgrade you can introduce to this item, which can turn into a great focal point. Alternatively, you can try a more ambitious project and cover the vanity with wallpaper for a truly unique look.

Transform the Mirror

If you’ve had to put up with a plain vanity mirror, which is often the case in many bathrooms, you can now consider some changes. Instead of looking into a frameless mirror, you can line yours with a framing of your own design. Try molding or subway tile, which can completely transform the look of the mirror.

Get Extra Space by Introducing Built-In Shelves

Having extra storage space in your bathroom will most certainly not hurt, and is in fact a truly important upgrade you should make. Built-in shelves are excellent additions that will allow you to keep more towels, cleaning supplies or practically anything that you desire in the bathroom.

Bathroom Upgrades

Introduce A New Shower Curtain

A new curtain with an interesting design will open up the space and introduce a new look that can change the feel of the room. Consider this switch, even if you have plastic or glass doors. Curtains are far less demanding when it comes to cleaning, which is another benefit of installing a new one in your bathroom.


All of these bathroom upgrades are relatively easy to implement. One thing they have in common is that they can truly change the look of your bathroom and make it beautiful and amazing, all in just one weekend! 

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