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Standing Water In Yard Around House

By on May 15, 2014
Standing Water In Yard Around House

Standing water and yard drainage problems can cause major problems to your landscape and foundation if not corrected. You can lose your garden, and your house foundation will lose ground after heavy rains, which can cause you more problems in the long-term. You need to keep standing water away from your house because it will soften the earth and allow your foundation to settle irregularly. Water can also damage your foundation.

One solution for yard drainage is clay soil improvement. It’s denser than soil and slower to let rainwater filter through. You need to allow it to filter the water faster so it absorbs the water. To do so, avoid compacting it and add organic material like compost, manure, leaf mold, or small green plants to help it stay spread out. Then you will cover it with more organic material to further help filter water through more quickly and avoid some staying above ground.

You can also dig drainage ditches called swales or have them dug. If there is a slope on one side of the house that carries water toward your house, put the ditch near the top of the slope. Make it about 4 feet deep and backfill with 6 inches of gravel, then put in a perforated 4-inch diameter drain pipe and cover it with gravel. Slope the ditches so the water will keep running through the pipe. Put ditches around your house in the same manner to keep water away from the foundation. 

You can also install a French drain near the water problem area by digging a ditch and then diverting the water to the street area or next to your storm drain, so far as it’s away from the home. You have to make sure it’s directed to receive the water during the storm and can install and catch basin to ensure that this occurs during a storm.

If extensive ditching is beyond you, dig a hole down two feet or so and a couple feet across in the lowest spot and put in a sump pump. Pump the water to the storm drains or a natural drainage system away from the house. You can disguise the sump hole with plants and put the piping underground. 

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