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Stunning Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

By Katie Carlson on Sep 2, 2016
Stunning Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

Adding a backsplash is a great way to enhance the appearance of your bathroom. Many homeowners think about using a backsplash in their kitchen, but don’t realize how many options there are for the bathroom too. It’s simply a matter of deciding what your taste is and how much you want to add.

There are so many different backsplash materials, colors, designs and trends to choose from, that it can be overwhelming if you aren’t fully informed before you start shopping. This article outlines exactly what you need to know about bathroom backsplash, so you can pick a style that’s right for you and your home.

Marble Backsplash


Think about what features you care about most when selecting a material. Is it ease of cleaning, durability or visual appeal? Below are some different ideas to get you thinking about what you might like.

Natural stacked stone and stone river rock tiles create a textured and natural look in the bathroom. Get creative with the color, design and type of stone or rock. If stone isn’t your thing, you can aim for something similar like brick. Ceramic tile is always a popular option with homeowners because it’s cost effective, environmentally friendly and easy to clean and maintain. If you’re looking for something a little more glamorous, Corian is a solid surface material which looks a lot like tile. It’s visually appealing, easy to clean and built to last a lifetime. Believe it or not, stainless steel is also being used as a backsplash in the bathroom!


All I can say is, gorgeous! New Ravenna Mosaics is a designer and manufacturer of handcrafted stone and glass mosaic tiles for both residential and commercial installations. The company’s products are formed into decorative borders and murals such as this one pictured above. This specific image is called Climbing Vines and is a jewel glass waterjet mosaic with Aquamarine leaves and Quartz vines.

While expensive, glass tile is hands down one of the most beautiful backsplash options. HGTV says that, “Glass backsplashes are typically designed in two ways, either as a complete sheet of glass that has been cut to fit a specific area, or as tiles that are installed in a similar manner to that of ceramic tiles.” Glass tile makes the space feel larger because it bounces light throughout your bathroom. A sheet of glass installed over a pale colored wall is another sleek backdrop idea. The nice part about working with glass tile, is that you can let your creative juices flow and make it your own.



Don’t be afraid to use a backsplash to add color and life back into your bathroom. Light blue and tone-on-tone (multi-color) are just a few ideas that will work well. Create a cheerful look with shades of green, blue or yellow. If you’re the type that likes to make a statement, then pick something bold or vibrant such as deep red or purple. While using a deep blue or red tile might be a brave move, it would also be unique and eye-catching.

Never underestimate the value of installing neutral mosaics or using a gray color scheme to get a clean and classic look. Both of these ideas are far from boring, and in fact, they will create a calming and trendy bathroom. If you need a little more flair, then think about working with different shades or adding something for texture.



Squares and rectangles are common shapes used for a backsplash. If you’re thinking you want something funkier, then search for a unique shape like an octagonal, a creative mosaic or an elegant arabesque design (example pictured above).

Wall Strip

I absolutely love what these homeowners did with the backsplash in their bathroom. They took an otherwise pretty white and plain bathroom and added this magnificent detail to spice things up. Installing a backsplash in a horizontal strip across the wall like this bath, or along the sink, are both great design ideas to implement.

Diamond Patterned Tile


Trends aren’t for everyone, but I’m going to outline a few for the homeowners who depend on them for guidance. Subway tile is a common look that may be considered either popular, trendy, or both, in some people’s opinion. Subway tile is a clean and classic style for any bathroom. You have the option of installing the tiles horizontally or vertically. Installing vertical tiles is a new trend many homeowners are adapting in order to make their ceilings look higher. Tile placement isn’t the only way you can mix it up in 2015, there are also new tile and grout color options to choose from. Many homeowners are using the grout color as a way to create a contrasting look against the tile.

Geometric design, patterns, glass, stone and wood backsplashes are also trending this year. Some designers are even taking tile all the way from the floor to the ceiling in the general bathroom space, not just in the shower. Installing a wall-to-wall mirror is also becoming a popular consideration for a bathroom backsplash.


Adding a backsplash along the border of a mirror, or a backsplash that covers the entire wall around the mirror, is a fun and unique design idea. Pinterest has some good ideas for the DIYers interested in adding a tile border around a mirror. Have some fun with it!


Installing a bathroom backsplash is just one cost-effective way to jazz up your bathroom. There are oodles of materials, colors, designs and trend ideas for homeowners to pick from. This is your chance to add a personal touch, and a little bit of style, to that otherwise basic bathroom.

Ready to make a change to your bathroom and add some backsplash? Find a pro near you who can assist.

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