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The Latest A/V Technology For Your Home Theater

By on Feb 1, 2017
The Latest A/V Technology For Your Home Theater

New innovations are changing the way we experience entertainment. For those who love having the newest technology in your home, it’s likely you have new home theater equipment on your mind. If you don’t have the latest audio/visual equipment for your home, you could be missing out.

From voice control to home automation, there’s a new technology available that can change the way you experience home entertainment. See what’s hot in audio/visual technology and how you can utilize it in your home.

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Home Theater Costs

Home Theater Costs

To have the latest and greatest in audio visual equipment, an upgrade to a home theater is necessary. While costs can vary depending on the technology updates you decide to make, there are other costs to consider such as getting all your new equipment to work properly. It’s best to contact an audio/visual technician who can help properly hook up your equipment and hide your wiring. The average cost to install home theater wiring or components is $363, with most homeowners spending between $216 and $379.

Home Automation In Home Theater

Home Automation

At the forefront at new technology, home automation systems are taking center stage. From ensuring your front door is locked to adjusting the thermostat, it seems to be able to do it all. And it doesn’t fall short when it comes to the home theater. Gone are the days where you have multiple remotes for one screen. Crestron makes an all-inclusive remote that can do everything from dimming the lights to starting the movie.

Don’t forget about other aspects of home automation that may not be obvious, but certainly helpful. Since you have the latest and greatest entertainment products in your home, make sure they are secure. Nest’s home camera line can alert you to any unusual activity in your home. It can connect to other smart technologies, like televisions and lighting to turn them on even if you’re not home.

Voice Control

With the latest technology in voice control available, you’re now able to tell your TV to turn on. The capabilities of the Amazon Echo have been a hot topic in tech this year, by allowing homeowners to give multiple voice commands for everyday things. This can be a great asset to your home theater. Imagine sitting down and telling “Alexa” to turn down the lights and turn on your favorite movie via Netflix. I don’t think it gets easier than that! To do this, you must have the add on Logitech Harmony Elite, which is a compatible product with the Amazon Echo, allowing you to access their entire home theater though voice commands. This can also connect to a Nest thermostat to control the temperature without leaving your couch!

Multiple TV Screens

Multiple Screens

One of the hottest trends in home audio/visual technology is no longer confined to one screen. More commonly, people are including more than one screen in their theater for multiple activities. This is great if you’re a sports fan! You can catch every game at the same time.

However, putting a few televisions on the wall with multiple cords and remotes is not the answer to a new home theater. If you’re planning on including multiple screens in your home theater, you have a few options. The one that requires less equipment is a projector that can create multiple screens. Another option is to invest in multiple TVs. Instead of one large TV, choose a few high-tech flat screen TVs to have mounted on the wall. Contacting a pro can help you get the look you want in your home theater. The average cost to install a flat screen TV is $281, with most homeowners spending between $217 and $311. You can also find one remote to control each screen, instead of having multiple remotes per TV.



If you want superb sound but you don’t want to sacrifice the space for surround sound, a soundbar is your answer. These sleek devices are often mounted below the TV and can produce stereo sound you need to enjoy. They are often cheaper than installing an entire surround sound system, with many models costing between $250 and $400, depending on the features you’re looking for. Many come with wireless and Bluetooth features that could be helpful if you’re integrating smart technology into a home theater.

Smart TV

Smart Televisions

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In the age of connectivity, a smart TV is a must have for any home theater. No longer do you need another device to watch your favorite programs on Netflix and Hulu. According to Quixel Research, 60% of televisions sold today are smart TVs. A smart television can give you access to streaming apps, websites, social media and more. These TVs often come with HDTV upgrades and newer versions have high-speed options to accommodate video streaming. Keep in mind, these TVs often come at a higher cost.

The latest versions of smart TVs have remote controls but also other features like voice command or motion detectors. You’re sure to impress guests with the hottest smart TV technology in your home theater!


A home theater is a fun way to invest in your home. You and your family can relax with the latest technology within arm’s reach! See how you can incorporate a few of the hottest audio/visual technologies into your home theater and prepare for a completely new viewing experience.

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