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The Latest & Greatest From The 2016 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show

By on Mar 17, 2016
The Latest & Greatest From The 2016 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show

For over 50 years, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) has been the most highly anticipated event for the industry. Held in Las Vegas, KBIS has just wrapped up yet another successful year filled with the latest products, trends and technology that both designers and homeowners can get excited about. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorites this year to share with you.

Urban Cultivator KBIS

The Urban Cultivator

Who doesn’t love fresh vegetables all year long? There's no question that fresh herbs taste better than dried and that garden-fresh veggies are more desirable to ones that have spent the past several days in a delivery truck or on a supermarket shelf. Homeowners who are lucky enough to live in warmer climates can keep the fresh greens coming year-round with a planted garden. For those of us in colder regions, however, things get a bit more challenging come winter.

The urban cultivator has given us an alternative and it’s a home chef’s dream come true. It grows greens indoors! Simply put, the Urban Cultivator is an enclosed hydroponic system designed for continuously growing herbs and smaller vegetables indoors. An integrated computer controls watering and light cycles and also activates built-in fans to maintain proper humidity and air circulation. The seeds used are non-GMO and chemical free which means you're getting 100% organic, healthy food. The residential model is the same size as a standard dishwasher and hooks into your home's existing power and water systems making installation a breeze.

The Urban Cultivator was a huge success at KBIS, bringing home second place in ‘Best in Show’. Looking for more high-tech kitchen appliances beyond KBIS? Find out more in our Innovative Kitchen Appliances article.



Stikwood has brought us the world’s first peel-and-stick, solid wood planks for wall decor made from reclaimed and sustainable woods sourced from locations around the country. Intended for both residential and commercial projects, Stikwood is VOC-free, made in the USA and available in numerous finishes that range anywhere from contemporary to rustic. With its remarkably simple Peel and Stik installation process, Stikwood brings the look of wood planking within reach as a fast and cost-effective interior design solution.

At KBIS 2016, everyone seemed fall in love with the rustic wood options from Stikwood. The unfinished reclaimed weathered wood planks come with all the beautiful imperfections nature intended. Transformed over the years by wind, rain, snow and ice, these rustic planks add a touch of the outdoors to any room.

DXV Faucets

DXV Luxury Faucets

The gold medal for ‘Best in Bath’ category went to the luxurious Vibrato Faucet by DXV American Standard and it’s clear to see why. These faucets are a true piece of art for your bathroom as they’re the first 3D printed faucets coming to market. The three 3D metal printed faucets shown at KBIS definitely appeal to the more sophisticated homeowner, bold enough to take on an avant-garde design that breaks all traditional barriers and completely reinvents the simple process of turning on a faucet and getting some water.

 The actual printing process takes a full 24 hours. A computer-guided laser beam sinters powdered metal into the shape of the faucet with high heat and pressure. A solid metal block arises out of the powder, with unique waterways embodied inside. The block requires a final hand finished sanding and polishing process to smooth the texture of the metal faucets. American Standard is breaking the mold, literally and showing off what the newest technology can do for bath fixtures.

The award winning Vibrato faucet has 19 precisely adjusted waterways to mimic a stream bouncing on rocks in a riverbed. With prices ranging from $16,000 - $20,000 each, it’s clear these faucets are intended for custom clients, but can create inspiration and admiration for designers and homeowners alike.

Balletto Vanity

Robern Balletto Vanity

Inspired by the legs and pointe work of a ballerina, the Balletto Vanity by Robern equally demonstrates grace, precision and beauty. The long, slender legs of this vanity are available in three different finishes and the vanity itself available in thirteen colors making this classic vanity easy to incorporate into any bathroom.

If you've turned away from an open bottom vanity due to lack of storage, this vanity is sure to change your mind! It features side tilt-out storage units on both sides of the vanity. A perfect place to tuck away your everyday essentials such as toothpaste, razors, hairbrushes and more. This gorgeous vanity also has an add-on option to include an in-drawer electrical outlet for those who would like to power up their hairdryers or electric razors. This vanity was such a favorite, it won a silver award for 'Best of Bath' and is a proud nominee for Best of KBIS People's Choice Award.

KBIS Exhibit Hall


In a nutshell, KBIS 2016 featured three days jam packed with great new products and excitement. We hope you enjoyed these new products just as much as we did. If so, please tweet me @whalenkristin or comment below on your favorite item that we found!

The next Kitchen & Bath Industry Show has already been scheduled for 2017 in Orlando, Florida and is expected to be even larger than 2016. We look forward to keeping you stylishly in the loop with new products and trends!

Did these ideas inspire you to begin a new project in your home? Contact a pro today and get started on remodeling your kitchen or bathroom.

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