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Tile Trends Of 2015

By on Jan 14, 2016
Tile Trends Of 2015

2014 saw the rise in popularity of statement tiles over the generic designs of years past, and this trend has only continued to rise in 2015. Unique colors, shapes and materials have set the 2015 trends. From new twists on the classics to something bright and new, this is the year that typical tiling projects are making a statement.

Make sure you are up to date on the latest tile trends hitting the market this year.

Geometric Tiles

Simple designs are going a step further and becoming a true work of art, thanks to geometric tiles that go beyond the standard square. Hexagon-shaped tile popularity is on the rise. Small hexagons give you plenty of room to play with color and pattern, even in a small space. Even a single-color installation provides plenty of texture to delight the eye. You can have even more fun by mixing colors, creating borders, or making simple designs using just the shaped tiles.



The mosaic never goes out of fashion, but 2015 has seen a change from the traditional 1-by-1-inch tile glass mosaics to more creative choices. Pebble and natural stone mosaics are adding a luxurious yet nature-inspired look on both walls and floors this year. The natural colors combined with the unique shape of some of these newer tiles allows you to create a mosaic-style solid-color backdrop that's both statement-making, yet classic enough to provide a backdrop to any evolving décor style.

Instead of the glass tiles from 2014, this year's preferred light-reflecting tiles are made of copper or stainless steel. Kitchens are going metal again – from stainless steel appliances to copper vent hoods. Metal walls and backsplashes complement this modern look while still delighting the eye with the texture and design elements of tile. Afraid of going too modern with metal tile? Use small tiles to create a simple mosaic, highlighting the design with just a few carefully placed copper or steel tiles.


Sustainable Tiles

We keep getting greener, which is good for the environment and for your design options. Sustainable tile popularity is on the rise. Options are almost endless, but some of the top choices for the year are recycled glass and natural stone. Tile is the automatic sustainable option because it can last a lifetime. Combine that with attractive tiles made from recycled materials, like glass, or natural items that don't require environment-damaging manufacturing processes, like stone, and you have a winning design choice. 

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles never go out of style, but they have been freshened up in 2015 with innovative new installation patterns. Designers are tossing out the classic offset joint pattern, and instead, getting creative. Herringbone and the crosshatch or basket weave patterns are putting a twist to this classic, adding more texture and visual interest using the same tiles you have come to love. 

Subway patterns aren't just about being unique – the right pattern can help update the rest of the room. Spacious, open kitchens are hot right now, and laying subway tile on the diagonal is a quick way to make the room look wider. 

Subway Tile

2015 Colors

Gray continues to hold supreme as the color of the year, but the classic neutrals are gaining in popularity again. White, clay and taupe are especially trending. Pastel blues and greens also rank high because they add a touch of color while still brightening up a room.


Trends are always changing, but keeping up with these tile trends will ensure your house is both trendy, comfortable and styish for years to come.

What tile trends do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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