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Tool Review: Bostitch Hammer Tacker

By on Apr 7, 2016
Tool Review: Bostitch Hammer Tacker

A hammer tacker, or slap stapler, is a tool that pretty much gets used at two speeds: Full speed and faster.

From roofing felt to house wrap to insulation and sheet plastic, having one that can handle the abuse is key for moving forward on all the dull but important jobs these tools do.

And so is having one that is built for brutality and the blunt-force rapid fire blows this tool should dish out. I’ve had hammer tackers that jam constantly or are just barely more than office staplers on a handle and designed so that my knuckles hit the work as much as the tool does.  None of that is productive.

However, the Bostitich PC2K PowerSlam hammer tacker, which I’ve used for everything mentioned above and more, is built for the work you need to get done without the issues other items on the market have.

Bostitch Powerslam

First, the offset handle design protects your hands. Unlike many staplers out there, the handle curves just enough that knuckle smashes are hugely reduced. Sensational for everything from landing a staple just so, like tacking the corner of an insulation batt, to changing positions as you blow through a hundred staples popping down roofing paper. The handle is also tapered without a lot of clips and junk on it. This means it can more easily drop into a loop on a tool pouch.

Second, the Bostitch staples are great. They sink in hard plywood and the loading mechanism makes sense. Yes, you’ll fidget with it a little, but it works like clockwork. That’s more than I can say for other staplers I’ve owned.

Finally, it’s purpose-built for full-tilt action, which means it’s got the muscle last on site.


The Bostitch PC2K is a great choice for anyone looking to improve their home. Be prepared to tackle all sorts of projects with this handy tool.

Looking for more useful items to add to your toolbox? Read How To Buy A Hammer to find out what’s right for your needs.

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