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Tool Review: DeWalt ToughSystem Storage

By on Jun 7, 2016
Tool Review: DeWalt ToughSystem Storage

If you’re a tool and organization dweeb like me, take a serious look at the DeWalt ToughSystem Storage. It’s smart, rugged and versatile. I learned a lot doing this review. Why?

Because I don’t like it.

So why review it? Because Craig, one of my colleagues from Doyle Remodeling and volunteer for overnight slogs on Food Network TV, builds with MyFixitUpLife and he loves it. I could write a mindless feature list, but you can read that elsewhere. You’re here for the real-deal experience.

The design is brilliant, the DeWalt ToughSystem wooed me. ‘Like’ has nothing to do with it. Toolboxes integrated with a stout hand-truck is genius. The boxes are work-life tough with gasketed lids for outdoors and built to take a beating. They have slide-onto arms that fold out from the hand truck. They lock onto the arms and you can stack three boxes that store a decent amount of stuff.

In one box, I have most of my drywall supplies. In another, I have my trim routers and bits with room to spare. And in the third box, I have items I rarely use, at least until I need them, like a cordless drill and oscillating tool.The toolboxes lock on and remove easily. There is awesomeness there. There’s even a mechanism that locks all the boxes to the hand truck, making them more undesirable to steal. The hand truck itself is pretty cool. I always need one. Get crazy with bags of thin set or concrete and you’ll fold the stamped steel plate. It’s pretty great.

DeWalt Storage Test

Works For Some, Not For Others

Yet, its frustration-factor for me is the very same thing that wooed me to it: Boxes.

I really don’t own any toolboxes for a simple reason, they end up being a pile with four walls and a lid. To me, boxes are not as easily organized like a rigger’s bag. That’s infuriating to me because I have to either reinvent how I pack it up each time I use it or leave all kinds of wasted space in there because I’m never going to store extra drywall knives with my router bits. In fact, I’m NEVER even going to store them together in my shop, never mind in boxes on my truck or jobsite. But that’s me. Not Craig.

I truly do love the hand truck and box integration. However, moving that thing an inch is harder than moving it a mile. The edges of stamped steel plate don’t slide on concrete or the ground easily. Sure, it rolls. That’s great. But if I have to nudge it a little, I need the Hulk. It makes packing it in a truck or trailer a pain. And it makes working around it a pain.

But let’s not forget my friend Craig, whose work and inventory are a little different than mine. He loves it because it does EXACTLY what it doesn’t do for me, except being waterproof and rugged, those are constants. To summarize his un-ending praise:e

It stores all his stuff the way he likes it stored. He likes the different sized boxes and he, unlike me, can contain his day-to-day, project-to-project tool categories in there (cordless stuff, trim stuff, etc). Finally, the toolbox is a mobile and easy a way to carry tool. He wants another one.


Tough, well-designed products are pretty much a constant. But when it comes to how you organize your tools, it’s worth thinking through in great detail. You need the right system for you and your project so you can work as efficiently as possible.

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