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Video: How To Fix A Garbage Disposal

By on Aug 10, 2016
Video: How To Fix A Garbage Disposal

While your garbage disposal is often your best friend, it can also turn into your worst enemy that seems to show up every time you host a dinner party. The only thing worse than throwing away good food is trying to get rid of it with a clogged disposal.

Fortunately, thanks to our good friends at MyFixItUpLife, there are a few easy ways to prevent and fix a clogged garbage disposal.

Tip on Prevention

  • Do not place stringy foods down disposal.
  • Do not place a lot of food down disposal at one time.
  • Do not place bacon grease down the disposal.

Tips on Fixing A Clogged Garbage Disposal

  • Reset the disposal with switch below the sink.
  • Use an Allen wrench to turn the drum below the sink.
  • Make sure the circuit breaker did not turn disposal off.

Note: As always, be very careful when dealing with a clogged disposal. Do not go near the switch when your hands are in the disposal. 


Fixing a garbage disposal is a very reasonable project for anyone with minimal DIY experience. Before calling in a pro, take a shot yourself and follow Mark and Theresa’s handy tips above.

Your disposal is not the only aspect of your home that can clog. Click here and see how to unclog your gutters.

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