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What to Do If Toilet Doesn't Fit After Installing Wainscotting

By on Oct 16, 2013
What to Do If Toilet Doesn't Fit After Installing Wainscotting

After you put wainscoting on the bathroom walls, you realize your toilet no longer fits in the place you had it or plan to install it. This doesn’t mean that you have to get a new toilet, though. There are easier and more cost-effective ways to solve this problem.

The standard installation location for a toilet drain is centered 12 inches from the finished wall. Fortunately, you can obtain an offset flange adapter at most large home supply stores and certainly through a plumbing supply shop. It fits right on the existing closet flange that the toilet is bolted to.

To install an offset flange adapter, you will first need to move the old toilet and remove the wax ring and old flange sometimes. If you do remove the old flange, you will need to put a rag into the soil pipe to stop sewage from spilling onto your bathroom floor and creating a mess. Then you will position the offset flange adapter and measure from the center to the wall to see where it will need to be mounted. Then place a new wax ring with a vinyl protrusion that fits into the closet flange on the toilet. The toilet should then fit snugly in its new position, and you won’t have any problems being able to take a long sit on old faithful.

You will have to pull up a portion of the bathroom floor to match the amount of offset in the flange. It depends on how off the toilet location is from its original position. You will have to at least cut a hole in the finished floor to fit the flange adapter.

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