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What You Need To Know About Wood Countertops

By on Aug 4, 2016
What You Need To Know About Wood Countertops

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Everyone wants the latest and greatest for his or her kitchen to create a spot they truly love to cook in. Natural and clean décor elements are in right now, incorporating shades of white and sleek helps achieve the style. To complete the look, wood countertops are a must have for anyone remodeling their kitchen.

Wood countertops are a beautiful, natural addition to any style of kitchen with a long life that’s worth the investment. Let’s evaluate some of the factors these countertops bring to a kitchen and see if they are right for you.

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Cherry Wood Countertops

Costs to Install A Countertop

New countertops are a great upgrade to an outdated kitchen that will enhance the appeal of your space when it’s time to sell. The average cost to install a countertop is $2,691. However, this will depend on the size of the counter you’re looking to install and the countertop material. Some homeowners choose to cut costs and install a countertop as a DIY project, especially with wood countertops. This can be a challenege and risk for any DIYer, as a mistake in installation can be very costly.

Reclaimed Wood Countertops

Types of Wooden Countertops

Once you’ve decided on a wood countertop for your kitchen, you’ll see that there are more choices you have to get the look. Wood countertops come in a few styles that are worth considering. Keep in mind where your sink and appliances will be factors in your countertop installation. Here are few styles that might be a great fit for your kitchen.

Butcher Block Countertops 

A common style of wood countertop is butcher block. This is a great option if you intend to be doing any cutting or chopping directly on the surface of the countertop, as they can withstand damages if properly cared for. This comes in a wide variety of colors and is typically very thick. Average costs of butcher block countertops are between $39.87 and $56.30, depending on the size of the project.

Reclaimed Wood Countertops

If you’re looking for a rustic and sustainable option for your new countertop, reclaimed wood will be your best choice. This countertop made from wood that has been recycled or discarded. This look is very trendy right now, so the material will likely be easy to find. If you plan to do a DIY installation of your reclaimed wood counter, this tutorial from Averie Lane will help.

Live Edge Wood Countertops

To add a very unique look to your kitchen, live edge wood countertops will certainly impress your guests. Give your kitchen a rustic feel with this countertop installation. The beauty of the live edge will round out in some areas and curve inward elsewhere. No two live edge countertops will be alike! If you’re the kind of person who appreciates clean lines, this countertop option is not for you.

Solid Wood Countertops

For a traditional, timeless look, a solid wood countertop is a great choice. This option has great ROI when it’s time to sell and can blend with almost any style of kitchen. Solid wood comes in various choices and is best installed by a pro.

Live edge countertops

Choosing the Wood for Your Countertop

For any style you choose, you’ll likely have your choice of wood you’d like to use. It’s important to choose a hardwood rather than a softwood, especially if you intend on cutting food directly on the counter’s surface. A softwood will easily get damaged if this is the purpose.

Woods like maple, oak, teak and chestnut make beautiful choices for a wood countertop. If you’re looking at creating an eco-friendly home, bamboo is a great and durable choice as well.

Wood Countertop Maintenance

Unlike other types of countertops, wood requires specific care. Wood needs to be dried immediately if there is food or water spilled. It should also be oiled two to three times per year to keep the countertop in the best condition. This is easy to do but does require some time to complete. Also, keep areas near the sink dry, as this can easily begin to warp the wood. Also, remember to repair wood countertops as needed, to prevent any further damage.

Butcher Block Countertops

Benefits of Installing A Wood Countertop

Wood countertops are the best choice for the home chef, as they are easy to cut and prepare food on, generally without the help of a cutting board. It’s also quieter to move dishes, pots and pans around while you work as the wood is a natural sound absorber. It’s a green option when it comes to home remodeling. And most of all, it’s unique! Wood countertops provide the benefit of creating a trendy look for your kitchen that will last for years.

Drawbacks of Installing A Wood Countertop

Certainly, one of the biggest drawbacks is the added maintenance wood countertops require. In addition to the above yearly maintenance, it may also require refinishing within ten years of installation. If you have an undermount kitchen sink, water splashing has a higher risk of damaging your countertop. It can also be more costly than other countertop options, depending on the material you choose.

Zebra Wood Countertops


Your kitchen countertop is certainly a focal point in the room. The addition of a wood countertop has the ability to transform your kitchen from drab to fab. You can easily create a custom look with a new wooden countertop installation.

If you’re ready to start your kitchen countertop remodel, contact a pro today for up to four free quotes from pros in your area.

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