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Why Quartz Counters Are Better Than Granite

By on May 2, 2014
Why Quartz Counters Are Better Than Granite

Believe it or not, there are other kitchen counters than granite. Whether a homeowner is looking for a new home, visiting a friend or remodeling their home, most Americans look for granite counters. They are durable and can hold up against any kitchen activity.

Quartz, on the other hand, is gaining momentum by the day and given its beautiful exterior and long lifespan, I can’t blame homeowners for making the smooth transition. Quartz counters offer many of the same benefits as granite, as well as a few many don’t know about. Time to clear the air. Continue reading to see why quartz countertops are better than granite countertops.

Note: Most categories discussed will favor quartz, but some will be neck in neck. Given its lower price point, you’ll see why quartz is better than granite. 


When it comes to withstanding the everyday wear and tear of kitchen counters, granite and quartz are two of the best on the market. They are both made of natural materials, making it much more difficult to burn, chip or break. Bear in mind, that neither should be considered imperishable. If you drop a heavy object on either, they could chip. However, quartz is the strongest commercial grade stone on the planet. So while both granite and quartz can handle everyday kitchen activities, quartz is the safer and more durable option.

Winner: Quartz

Multi-level Quartz Counters


Less time cleaning and more time cooking is always preferred. When compared to granite, quartz counters are in a different league. As HomeAdvisor points out, quartz counters are made from fine quartz crystals, so they are almost completely non-porous. Once your quartz counter is polished and installed, you’ll never have to mind them again.

Additionally, quartz can handle spills and stains better than many other countertops on the market, including granite. They never have to sealed, which can get pricey. Granite counters need to be sealed before installation and each year thereafter. The only real maintenance quartz counters require is an occasional dishtowel rub.

Winner: Quartz

Bonus Tip: Quartz counters tend to be cleaner than granite. Given its resilience to everyday wear and tear, they are healthier than other countertops (less germs), including granite.

Granite Island


When it comes to counters, both quartz and granite are up there with the best. As I noted earlier, despite their price, people often choose quartz or granite thanks to its beauty and design. However, as is the theme with the article, quartz does have an added benefit.

Counter seams show up quite often. Whether you have quartz counters or granite, you will see the seams. Nevertheless, the seams in quartz counters can be hidden much easier than granite. Quartz counters are colored and manufactured, making it easier to hide the seams. Additionally, solid color quartz counters can easily hide many seams. When it comes to granite counters, its natural veins won’t let you hide the seams.

Winner: Quartz 


This category will not differ. Quartz and granite are more expensive than the average countertop. As discussed in Your Cost Guide To The 10 Most Popular Kitchen Counters, both granite and quartz can go as low as $35 per square foot, but can easily climb to $70, $80 or $90 per square foot. Quartz countertop costs are usually cheaper, but in the grand scheme of things, the difference will not be significant.

Winner: Both

Granite Counter and Sink

Increasing Value of Home

In any real estate market, it’s hard to increase the value of your home. Yet, kitchen remodels almost always increase its value and your countertops play a key role.

Stone countertops, more so than laminate or tile, will definitely increase your home’s value. On top of their visual appeal, homeowners like to brag about their granite or quartz counters. They both have that high-end appeal many homeowners want or interested homeowners look for. Additionally, many Americans do not know the difference between quartz, granite, corian or soapstone. They often just assume its granite. For that reason, both quartz and granite win this category.

Winner: Quartz


Granite and quartz are not light materials and therefore, difficult to install from start to finish. First off, they both need to be professionally cut and trimmed to match your counter base and sink. Homeowners should not try to cut their counters themselves. Leave this part to the professionals. When it comes to installing, an average DIYer can install these counters, as I noted in How To Install Kitchen Countertops. However, they can be very heavy and a minor mistake can be expensive. We highly recommend contacting a professional to help with the installation of granite and quartz counters.

Winner: Both


Granite is not the only kitchen counter on the block. Quartz offers homeowners a cheaper alternative that is beautiful, maintenance free and can increase the value of your home. When you match them up, it’s clear that quartz beats out granite every time.

To further compare quartz against other popular countertops, such as marble, tile or butcher block, please view our countertop cost estimator.

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