Learn more about the benefits of stone and brick for your home

What's not to like about modern masonry? Many ancient Roman and Greek buildings put together using masonry have survived to the present day. Masonry is an art form, and it is long-lasting and can be naturally attractive while also incorporating green building techniques.

Masonry provides home and property owners with safety, security, strength, easy maintenance and cost-effectiveness, to name just a few benefits. Stonework does not catch fire and protects against the elements. Walls can resist strong winds, extremely low or high temperatures, ultraviolet ray damage and heavy weather in general.


Stone structures don't rot like wood and don't allow fungus to build up and create mildew between walls. This protects residents from health problems related to respiratory conditions, including asthma and throat problems. Masonry homes are almost airtight, meaning outside allergens don't get inside to cause illness.

Offering many other benefits to the home and property owner, masonry construction keeps out noise for a quieter home life as well. The structure is pretty much problem-free when quality materials are used, and little to no maintenance is necessary. Concrete block and stone construction along with standard insulation results in lower utility bills.

Energy efficiency

The thermal mass insulation stores energy more efficiently. This keeps structures warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, saving electricity and money. Better strength, energy support, termite and insect protection, and other features result in lower homeowners insurance payments. Masonry products are the foundation for creating environmentally friendly green buildings now and going into the future. Benefits include government tax breaks, savings on permits and impact fees, etc. Real estate agents say masonry buildings retain their value longer due to the easy maintenance and lower construction costs, resulting in higher resale value.

While masonry homes cost more than cheaply-made wooden houses, stonework costs less than high-performing wood frame houses. What's more, any pricing variations are rapidly diminishing due to green construction methods.

Hiring a professional

Not every builder can build a masonry structure. In fact, most builders go with wood and frame and lack stonework experience. Therefore, it is important to work with a custom builder and production team that have masonry experience. They'll be able to create the perfect dream house incorporating green insulation systems.

A “green building” means a structure created in a way that environmental resources are not stretched while eliminating mildew, fungus, mold and pest problems. Homes are quieter and last longer. They are also more energy-efficient, resulting in lowered utility costs.

Masonry Project Cost

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