"How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?" You want a general idea of the cost before meeting with designers, contractors and retailers because these professionals can't calculate the cost of every possible combination.

Here's a better way. Use our bathroom estimator to get a ballpark figure for the cost of your next bathroom remodeling project. As always, if you need help throughout the process, ImproveNet can connect you with up to four bathroom contractors in your area.

Bathroom Remodel Costs Bathroom Remodeling Costs

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  1. Average Bathroom Remodel Cost
  2. Bathroom Remodeling Cost Factors
  3. Bathroom Remodeling Projects & Their Costs
  4. Bathroom Material Costs
  5. Bathroom Renovation Inspiration
  6. Bathroom Remodeling Trends
  7. Small Bathroom Design Tips
  8. Bathroom Storage Tips
  9. Find A Bathroom Pro
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Average Bathroom Remodel Cost

As you can imagine, there is a lot you can do in your bathroom, no matter how small or large it is. While the average bathroom remodeling cost is just under $8,500, we have seen simple installation projects run as low as $268 for a bathroom mirror. To ensure you get the best possible price from a bathrom contractor, you must do your research and always get multiple quotes for your specific project. In addition, you must bear in mind a few other cost factors that can increase or decrease the total bathroom renovation price.

Average Bathroom Remodel Cost

Bathroom Remodeling Cost Factors

Besides the labor you hire, there are other cost considerations one must consider. While you may not be able to change all of them, there are a few you can use to your advantage to lower your final cost.

Bathroom Materials

The materials you choose for your new and improved bathroom will have the biggest effect on the final price. While 10sf of laminate may not be a lot, 25sq of marble can run as high as $2,500. Furthermore, if you decide to install any luxurious additions, such as a unique light fixture, Jacuzzi or heated bathroom floors, the total bathroom remodeling cost will rise.

Bathroom Size

Needless to say, the size of your bathroom will have a large say in your bathroom remodeling cost. Unfortunately, some smaller bathrooms take up a minimal 24sf. Replacing tile with hardwood will certainly increase your bathroom remodel cost, but it would not hurt as much if your bathroom was the more standard 50sf. Pine flooring can cost as much as $25/sf.

Keep in mind, the sizes above refer to guest bathrooms. If you have a master bath, it’s probably closer to 75sf or 100sf. Nevertheless, besides materials, the size of your bathroom is the single biggest cost factor of your bathroom reno work.

Bathroom Budget

Now, we can jump into factors you can and should control throughout this adventure. No matter what house project you're undertaking, whether it be DIY or not, you need to have a budget. Before the project begins, you need to have a range, if not know exactly, of what you can spend on every little aspect. That means setting a number for your new cabinet hardware, shower head, shower stall, glass shower door or even material delivery and sticking to it.

Of course, you can always increase your budget, but as we’ve heard from ImproveNet homeowners, those who do not stick to the budget end up spending more than they intended.

Note: Surprises will come up. Do not forget to add a contingency section to your bathroom remodeling budget.

Bathroom Trends

Unless you plan on living in your home for the next 30 years, you must take current bathroom trends into consideration. Of course, if you do not agree with the trends, you’ll have to balance your personal taste as well.

We'll take a deeper dive into current bathroom trends later on, but one such is adding modern metallic features. Luckily, updating your hardware is an effortless way to add visual interest and style to any room. However, if you prefer standard hardware and don’t plan on selling anytime soon, just know that you have to live with the update. Don’t add something if you’re going to be miserable using it. While it could bring in more money down the line, the update is simply not worth it.

Personal Taste

Some homeowners love pedestal sinks. Others still like the feel of carpet near the sink. We can not change our personal taste and as such, it must be considered throughout any bathroom remodeling project. Therefore, don’t be afraid to throw in a personal touch or two. If you want an orange accent wall, go for it. Just remember, you may have to paint over it the day it comes time to sell.

Bathroom Material Costs

Bathroom Remodeling Projects & Costs

With general costs out of the way, can jump into specific project costs. Below is a chart as well a few details, specifying the average ranges for the most common bathroom remodeling projects.

Bathroom Project

Low Range

High Range

Install Flooring



Install Bathub



Install Shower



Install Sink



Install Toilet



Install Counters



Install Cabinets



Install Bath Fan



Install Flooring

One of the most common parts of a bathroom remodel is removing the old flooring and installing new flooring. The biggest factor in the cost of this project will be the flooring itself, which can vary wildly in price. The most expensive materials are typically natural stone tiles and upscale porcelain tiles. The cheapest options might be laminate, vinyl or budget ceramic tiles. Installation can be done as a DIY project to further reduce costs, but you may need to rent or calculate how much tile or wood you'll need in order to complete the job. Expect an average cost of $2,995 to replace and install the flooring in your bathroom.

Install Bathtub

Installing a new bathtub is one of the more complicated and expensive projects involved in a bathroom remodel. Not only will you have to purchase the tub itself, you also need to install surrounds and have a plumber come by for the installation work. If you're just replacing the tub, and the surround can stay, your price will be lower than average. If you're having a customized surround built, expect to pay around $3,160.

Install Shower

If you were gutting your entire bathroom, contractors and experts say showers should account for one-third of the total remodeling cost. Furthermore, unlike your bathroom flooring, there are a few elements in play when considering a shower remodel. After all, you have to decide on a shower head, shower door and shower stall. All in all, a new shower typically costs approximately $2,800.

Install Sink

You would be hard pressed to find a feature in your home that you use more than your bathroom sink. We wash our hands, brush our teeth, put on makeup and check out our hair all while using the bathroom sink. Nonetheless, your sink installation cost will largely depend on the sink style, brand and material. According to our cost estimator, the average price to install a new sink is $509.

Note: If you move the sink to another location, expect the price to rise due to new plumbing.

Bathroom Remodeling Cost Factors

Install Toilet

Buying a new toilet might not be exciting, but it is necessary during most bathroom remodels. The major expense here, as you might guess, will be the price of the toilet itself. If you can deliver the toilet to your home by yourself, then the installation cost will be minimal. On average, the cost of a new toilet, as well as installation, comes in between $360 and $492.

Install Counters

It is nearly impossible to tell what the cost of new countertops will be until the specific material is chosen and the size of the countertops is clearly stated. However, for those who simply want a ballpark figure, expect to pay anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000.

If you want to keep costs down, go with tile or laminate. If you choose marble or concrete, expect to pay closer to that $5,000 mark.

Install Cabinets

When it comes to cabinet installation, the overall cost depends on two key factors: materials and DIY or professional installation. Needless to say, if you use basic materials or stock cabinets over custom cabinets and higher-end materials, the overall cost will be less. In fact, custom cabinets can cost as much as $500 more per cabinet. If you’re installing more than five cabinets, that price difference really comes into play. Nonetheless, if you hire a contractor, expect to pay roughly $4,000 for the entire cabinet project.

Install Bath Fan

If you want a small addition that can improve your bathroom in a big way, consider buying and installing a bath fan. This will reduce humidity in the room, eliminate odors and remove moisture from the air. If you already have a bath fan and the wiring is in place, then you can expect to pay a very reasonable $150 for the installation work. If there is no current space for the fan, however, your cost might be closer to $800.

Bathroom Material Costs

As you have read throughout this task estimator, a large majority of the costs depend on materials. Fortunately, ImproveNet researched the average bathroom material costs. While reviewing the prices below, keep in mind, these are just prices for materials and do not include any installation or labor costs.



Showers & Bathtubs


Bathroom Renovation Inspiration

No matter how often or how little experience you have with remodeling, we all need some inspiration at one point or another. Pinterest is terrific for browsing, but if you don’t have an account, we found a few amazing and beautifully designed bathrooms for every style or taste. If you like any, show your bathroom contractor or designer. It should help them throughout the process.


Modern Bathroom

Modern Bathrooms


Traditional Bathrooms



Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Home remodeling trends should always play a role in your renovation decisions. Given the fact that the bathroom is perhaps the most popular room in the house, keeping up with bathrooms trends is a must.

While trends come and go, we researched and found the hottest bathroom remodeling trends.

  1. Focal Points: Come up with one statement piece that will draw the eye. Freestanding tubs and bathroom fireplaces are gaining momentum.
  2. Modern Metallics: Oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel are two trendy metals that come in interesting and appealing colors and textures.
  3. Subway Tiles: Subway tiles are nothing new. They’ve been around for more than a century and are a demonstration of lasting elegance.
  4. Raised Panel Cabinetry: Wood and glass are being transformed every single day.
  5. Heated Floors: Heated floors are definitely an added luxury, but they can be a life-changing upgrade in colder climates.
  6. Zen-Like Designs: You need to relax in your bathroom and spa-like designs are gaining attention and popularity.
  7. Bathroom Technology: Music, Bluetooth, automatic flush systems and faucets are all making our bathroom experiences that much better.

Small Bathroom Design Tips

Not everyone is blessed with a 200sf bathroom. As a result, you have to design strategically. You have to balance comfort with function and storage. You have to make sure you can open and close the door without banging into a cabinet or two.

If your bathroom is less than 100sf, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Soft Color Schemes: To create the illusion of more space, you should use neutral or pastel hues as the main palette of your small bathroom.
  2. Recessed Lighting: Chandeliers and large light fixtures are nice, but they take up too much space for a small bathroom.
  3. Large Mirrors: They reflect light and make the room feel larger than it really is.
  4. Pedestal Sinks: They offer less storage, but take up less space as well.
  5. Get Creative with Storage: Don’t let anything go to waste. Use your vertical space, built-in storage or above the toilet for storage.

Bathroom Storage Tips

Speaking of storage, that is often the No. 1 problem people have with their bathrooms. Whether it’s small or large, we can all use more storage in our bathroom. For all those men sharing a bathroom with their lady friends, the below tips will clear out all that makeup they keep below the sink:

  1. Pedestal Sink Organizers: They are like towel bars, but below your sink.
  2. Vanity Storage: Install a spice rack or shallow caddies on the back of the doors.
  3. Double Duty Mirrors: Make sure you install a mirrored medicine cabinet if you don’t have ample storage elsewhere.
  4. Wall Niche: You can keep everything at your fingertips with a wall niche next to your sink.
  5. Under the Tub: Some bathtubs offers storage below.
  6. Coat Racks: It adds more storage and takes up less space than multiple towel rods.
  7. Above the Door: Add a simple shelf to this commonly unused space.

Bathroom Remodeling Projects and Their Costs

Find A Bathroom Pro

As you can see, there is a lot to consider before any bathroom remodeling project. While many homeowners can handle a few smaller bathroom renovation projects, many need help along the way. If you fall in the latter, be sure to connect with a local bathroom remodeling pro before any transformation is made.

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