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Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Most homeowners spend between $6,569 to $9,872 nationally.
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When potential buyers look at a home, the bathroom is one of the key rooms they focus on to determine whether the property is a good buy. Of course, the bathroom is also one of the most commonly used rooms in the entire home. Whether a homeowner is planning to sell in the future or they just want a more attractive and efficient space, a bathroom renovation might be the best course of action.  

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National Remodel a Bathroom Costs

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National Average Cost $8,820
Minimum Cost $100
Maximum Cost $20,000
Average Range $6,569 to $9,872
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How do we get this data? This info is based on 12535 cost profiles, as reported by ImproveNet members.

Bathroom Renovation Costs

According to costs reported by ImproveNet members, the average bathroom remodel costed approximately $8,400 in 2016, with most homeowners spending between $6,000 and $9,000

Bathroom Flooring Replacement

One of the simplest and most effective ways to transform the look of a bathroom is to replace the flooring with a new and more attractive material. There are many different types of flooring available for bathrooms, but some of the most popular include tile made from vinyl, ceramic, porcelain and natural stone. The raw materials that make up the bathroom floor will typically be the biggest expense for this project, but the exact price can vary depending on what material you choose. Vinyl tile, for example, is the cheapest option, and natural stone like granite or marble will generally be the most expensive. As far as installation is concerned, the average flooring project costs $3,652, but that is a high estimate, which typically comes down for traditionally sized bathrooms.

Installing New Bathroom Cabinets

Another major project that homeowners might include as part of their bathroom renovation is adding new cabinets. Obviously, the price of this job will vary significantly depending on the type of cabinetry that is chosen, whether professional installation is required, and the size of the cabinets themselves. Store-bought cabinets are generally more affordable than custom options. The average cost of buying new cabinets, having them delivered and installed by a professional is roughly $6,600.

New Tub or Shower

One of the biggest items in a standard bathroom is the shower or tub, so it makes sense that these items are often the first to be replaced when it comes time to renovate. As might be expected, the biggest part of this expense will be the actual tub or shower itself. These prices can vary wildly depending on the quality and style of the item. A standard shower with a tub surround from a large furniture or department store can easily come in under $1,000, but the cost of tiling a large customized shower stall by hand might be more than $5,000 including labor.

Sink & Toilet Installation

Other details that complete the renovation of a home bathroom are the installation of a new sink and toilet. Although many people are surprised to learn this, there is actually quite an extensive range of prices for toilets. A standard two-piece toilet might be very inexpensive, but modern models with heated seats could end up being $1,000 or more. On average, the cost of buying a toilet and having it installed by a plumber will cost homeowners anywhere between $465 and $541. While the cost of having a professional install a new sink can also vary depending on a number of factors, the average cost of the sink as well as the labor should fall somewhere between $2,284 and $3,580.

Although a bathroom renovation can include dozens of different projects and decor additions, the major changes will include replacing the existing flooring, adding a new shower or tub, and having both a new toilet and sink installed. With a better understanding of what these projects will cost, homeowners can better budget for their own bathroom renovation.

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Last updated on Apr 19, 2017

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