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Bermuda Sod Cost Guide

To achieve the look of a full, lush and green lawn in a matter of days, installing sod is often the best option. The alternative, which involves planting seeds in the ground, watering them frequently, weeding often and checking over months to monitor growth, simply takes too long for homeowners who want an attractive yard or garden as quickly as possible. Thankfully, sod is a relatively simple option to get a gorgeous lawn in less time.  

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Cost of Bermuda Sod

  • Average minimum price of Bermuda sod: $.35 per square foot
  • Average maximum price of Bermuda sod: $.75 per square foot

Benefits of Sod versus Seeding

Essentially, there are four major ways to create a grassy space on a piece of property. Homeowners can plant seeds, sprigs, plugs and sod.

Without question, the most effective option is to lay down sod. This involves getting a pallet of sod delivered right to the property. Sod looks like squares of carpet, with the top being covered in mature green grass and the underneath a combination of live roots and soil. The squares are placed directly on the ground and watered. Over time, the roots will extend into the dirt below and become a natural addition to the landscape.

Seeding, on the other hand, can take substantially more effort and time, and there are no guarantees that the end result will be lush and attractive like sod.

Benefits of Using Bermuda Sod

There are dozens of different types of sod available on the market, but Bermuda sod is one of the most popular choices for a lush lawn. Used extensively in golf courses and sporting fields, Bermuda sod has a very traditional look that can withstand a range of weather conditions. This makes it especially practical in warmer climates or those destinations that endure long, hot and dry summers. A few more advantages of Bermuda sod include the following:

  • Grows quickly
  • Low to medium cost
  • Damage is repaired quickly
  • Durable and resilient
  • Suitable for cold winters as well as hot summers

Drawbacks of Bermuda Sod

While Bermuda sod might sound like the perfect option for landscaping, it is important to keep in mind that it also brings with it some drawbacks.

  • Growing quickly can be seen as an advantage, but it also necessitates more maintenance in the form of mowing or re-sodding.
  • In areas where grass shouldn't grow, such as vegetable gardens or walking paths, it may be necessary to weed out stray Bermuda grass that finds a home in the fertile soil.
  • In addition, Bermuda grass tends to turn brown when the temperatures dip in the autumn, and it can also turn brown when in a completely shaded area.
  • Brown grass will stay dormant until temperatures rise again, which is when the grass will once again turn green and lush after watering.

Varieties of Bermuda Grass

Although Bermuda grass is often thought of as a single varietal, the reality is that the term can refer to a variety of different types of grass.

  • Common Bermuda grass, as the name suggests, is the most common in residential yards and is also the least expensive. In temperate climates, this is often the best choice and the most economical.
  • Those who are willing to spend a little more for a less-coarse grass with a richer green color might prefer Mohawk Bermuda grass or Wrangler Bermuda grass.
  • In colder climates where it is not uncommon for summer temperatures to dip below 60 degrees Fahrenheit at night, Yukon Bermuda grass is a hardier option that helps provide the lush green look for a little longer than more common varietals.
  • Sahara Bermuda grass is a fantastic option for larger fields that get a lot of foot traffic as well as frequent summer drought as they require slightly less watering than other types of Bermuda grass. Sahara is often found in golf courses and baseball fields.

How Bermuda Sod is Priced

On average, Bermuda sod costs anywhere from $.35 to $.75 per square foot. However, it is incredibly rare that a person can purchase just a few square feet of sod at a time. Generally, it is sold on a large wooden pallet, and the buyer decides how many pallets they would like in advance.

Before purchasing, buyers should ask exactly how much square footage of sod is included in each pallet in order to determine whether the price is actually a good deal. Also keep in mind that some companies charge additional fees for loading the heavy pallets onto the buyer's vehicle or delivering the pallets to a specific property. 

Costs of Bermuda Sod Installation

Once the Bermuda sod has been delivered to the location where it needs to be installed, homeowners have the choice of laying it themselves or hiring professionals to handle the job. While installing sod requires minimal expertise and skill, it is a labor-intensive task that can take hours just for a few hundred square feet of sod.

Generally, installation costs are determined by the square footage that needs to be covered. A low estimate in a rural area might come to $15 for 100 square feet of Bermuda sod, but it could cost closer to $30 in more expensive areas or for higher-quality work. Whether Bermuda sod is installed by homeowners or by professionals, it will need to be watered regularly over the following 72 hours, and that task is typically handled by the property owner.

When property owners need lush, green and durable grass as quickly as possible, sod is a perfect solution. Costs vary for Bermuda sod, one of the most popular varietals, but the investment may be worth the luxurious and attractive lawn that buyers gain as a result.

Last updated on Jan 12, 2017

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