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Cultured Marble Shower Prices

When looking to remodel or redecorate a bathroom, the shower is one portion whose cost can greatly vary. There is such a variety of materials and designs available that you have the ability to stay within your budget and still have a shower that looks great. One of the material options is cultured marble. It can be a beautiful addition to any bathroom and add warmth and sophistication without going outside of the your given budget.

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The Costs

  • $8 to $24 per square foot
  • $300 to $600 for a shower pan slab

The cost of the project depends on what type of cultured marble is chosen, the manufacturer and the thickness. The consumer can expect to spend anywhere between $8 and $24 per square foot for shower slabs. Cultured marble can also be used in other places in the bathroom, and those are priced based on inches rather than square footage. Shower pans are also priced differently as they are generally prefabricated to specific sizes while the shower slabs are made bigger and then cut to preference. Here are some things to keep in mind that will change the cost of the project:

Adding a soap holder can cause the price to increase. In order to stay with the classy look of the cultured marble, it is ill advised to purchase a plastic soap holder to attach to the wall, and the manufacturer of the marble will be able to assist in adding a fitting accessory.

Adding a seat will cause the price to increase because it will require more pieces of cultured marble. Shower seats are a very popular option to have installed in showers as they add comfort and ease to the one using the shower. It also adds to the look of the shower, making it look and feel more luxurious.

Changing the finish to a more upgraded version can also cause the price to increase. The consumer may choose a color and design of marble they like, but they have the option to upgrade the finish to something that is more durable and has more sheen.

If the cultured marble is purchased online rather than at a local store, added shipping fees may also cause the price to increase.


The basic materials needed to install cultured marble into the shower are the marble, heavy-duty adhesive to attach the marble to the drywall and silicone sealant to prevent any leaks. There are tools that are needed to complete the project, which may need to be purchased if this is the first time this type of project has been done. Some tools that will be needed include: a screw gun, screws, drill bits, measuring tape, a level, rubbing alcohol, a washcloth or rag, and a utility knife. Depending on what kind of condition the shower is currently in or what changes are going to be made, a plumber may need to come in and assist with any plumbing issues. Generally, installing cultured marble in a shower is a fairly fast and easy project. Because silicone caulk should be applied around any fixtures, 24 hours should be allowed to elapse before using the shower to let the adhesive cure.


Cultured marble is a popular choice in bathrooms, including showers, for a variety of reasons.

It is easy to install and can be installed by the homeowner without needing to spend the money on a professional. When there is a budget to be considered, having the ability to complete the project in as cheap a way as possible without having to skimp on the materials and the actual outcome of the project is very important.

  • Cultured marble looks great. It looks like marble and has similar maintenance requirements as marble.
  • While it looks like marble, it is less expensive than marble. Cultured marble is made from a mixture of limestone and fiberglass resin, which is continuously able to be reproduced, keeping the price down. The homeowner can achieve the elegant look without having to pay the hefty price.
  • The maintenance is easy. Since the surface is smooth and shiny, anything that is on it can simply be wiped away with a wet sponge or rag.
  • Cultured marble is flexible. This does not mean that it bends, it indicates that it can be cut into any shape that is needed. Genuine marble, for instance, is only able to be cut into simple shapes, which limits the consumer on where it can be used and how.


As with any type of material, there are some disadvantages to using cultured marble.

  • It looks like genuine marble, but not completely. From a distance, an untrained eye will probably be unable to tell the difference. Upon closer inspection, cultured marble doesn't have the same quality as genuine marble.
  • The sealant that is used on cultured marble to give it its sheen is rather weak and does not last as long as genuine marble or other tiling options. Over an extended period of time, cracks and breaks can begin to become visible. It is also sensitive and can be damaged from extreme heat such as hair styling tools and candles.
  • While basic maintenance is easy, it is also important to consider that abrasive cleansers often used in the bathroom setting should not be used on cultured marble because it is easily scratched. The scratches can be buffed out, but this is just another disadvantage that should be taken into consideration.

Cultured Marble Showers

Cultured marble is a great material to work with when updating or redoing a shower or bathroom. It is easy to install; depending on the size of the slabs that are purchased, one person can finish the project on their own. There is no grout to worry about as there would be with other types of tiles, which keeps the cleanup nice and simple. It gives the bathroom the classy and elegant look of genuine marble without the great costs. However, all of these things need to be considered when someone is thinking about using cultured marble in their shower project.

Last updated on Feb 3, 2017

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