What is the Average Cost to Repair a Chain Link or Wood Fence?

Fencing is often an integral part of any property. Used in various capacities, fencing can dissuade intruders, provide privacy, contain pets or add a visually appealing aspect to any home. Unfortunately, anything exposed to the elements lends itself to eventual wear and tear, which can result in eventual repairs.

National Repair a Fence Costs

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National Repair a Fence Costs
Average reported cost $443
Number of Cost Profiles 4715 cost profiles
Minimum reported cost $55
Maximum reported cost $1,001
Most homeowners spent between: $307 to $482

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The fence surrounding your property should be considered as an outdoor investment to your home. Fencing is generally constructed of either vinyl, wood or PVC-wrapped metal, better known as chain-link. The repair costs greatly depend on the material your fence is made of as well as the size of the overall repair.

Labor costs associated with fixing a fence are generally reasonable and is a job that is suitable for any general contractor. The repairs can take anywhere from one to four days. When repairs are needed to a chain link fence, the process is very simple and inexpensive. Because these fences are sold in interlocking, prefabricated sections that are 10 feet or longer, the broken piece can simply be cut out and replaced.

The cost of repairing vinyl fencing is generally very reasonable. These pieces are also sold in prefabricated sections, and therefore, often allow you to remove the broken section and splice in a new one. Other than chain link fences, vinyl is the second least expensive fencing option.

If your wooden fence needs repairs, it is important to properly budget the costs. For an old or extensively-damaged wooden fence, it is often more cost-effective and longer-lasting to replace the entire fence with chain link or vinyl. If you choose to repair your fence, factor in increased labor costs and material costs. Lumber is more expensive than chain link or vinyl and is also much more difficult to work with. You will assuredly pay well into the hundreds to fix a wooden fence.

Often, wooden fences are finished with stain to retain the natural look of the wood, or they can be painted any color imaginable. When repairing a wooden fence, be sure to factor in the costs of stain or paint. If the stain or paint on the old fencing has faded significantly, you may want to repaint the entire repaired fence. The cost of the stain or paint will vary, depending on the quality and quantity.

Last updated on Jan 6, 2014

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