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Formica Countertop Prices

Formica is a company that specializes in the production of laminate products. Included among these products are countertops that can be installed inexpensively into a person’s home, often being used within the kitchen. Typically, the cost range of investing in Formica countertops is as follows.

After reviwing all the costs below, be sure to connect with local remodeling contractors who can install formica in your bathroom or kitchen.

The Costs 

  • On the low end, the price is about $16.13 per square foot
  • On average, the price is about $21.75 per square foot
  • On the high end, the price is about $27.16 per square foot

These costs are low in comparison with other products, and this is a significant advantage with laminate countertops. However, there are several other considerations to keep in mind for this product. Reviewing the benefits and drawbacks of Formica countertops can allow people to know whether this type of surface is the proper choice for them.

Numerous Styles to Choose From

The appearance and style of Formica countertops are versatile attributes and there are a multitude of textures and colors that can be applied to them. Sometimes deciding how to best complement the environment of a kitchen or other location can be a difficult task to manage. The wrong style of countertop can cause the surface to clash with the other aspects of a home’s interior design. Many countertops are limited in how they can be customized, but laminate ones have a variety of designs that can be utilized. People do not need to worry about what kind of surface is most appropriate. By simply reviewing all of the styles available, they will most likely find one that is suitable.

Painting Formica Countertops

If you can not find a style you like or change your mind down the road, fortunately, Formica can be painted.  It takes a few days and preparation of the laminate surface ahead of time. The end result will be a lively piece that spruces up your kitchen just the way you’d like and gives new life to that piece you’ve always wanted.

Clean the area with hot, soapy water to start and then do so again with ammonia. Once it's dried, you'll have to use sandpaper to sand the entire surface and fill any holes or nicks with wood filler. You’ll start with a primer and then one coat of finish paint. Oil will be the best to use. It will need to dry for one to two days before you apply a second paint. The second or topcoat will protect it and add to its durability.

For countertops, you may want to apply three coats of water-based polyurethane over the paint to seal and protect it. For anything in the kitchen, you will need to be careful. You will need to reapply the topcoat to keep it durable and looking amazing.

Easy Installation & Low Costs

The process of installation also makes Formica countertops a desirable choice for many people. They can be easily installed in a new area or even placed over existing laminate countertops. Due to this quality, many people choose this countertop so that they can install it themselves. However, seeking professional assistance is not an inconvenience in the case of these products. The costs to install and replace them are actually cheap investments. 

Prone to Both Burns & Scratches

Not every quality of laminate products is a positive one. Due to the effects of the lamination process, Formica countertops are relatively easy to damage. They are created from layers that are glued together, and this makes them vulnerable on certain occasions. Hot materials can never be placed on their surface, as holes could burn through it. In addition to obvious items such as heated pans and trays, cigarettes are also capable of harming the countertops.

It's also important to place cutting boards under foods when chopping them. Scratches can be easily inflicted on Formica countertops, and if the damage is severe enough, this could lead to unfortunate consequences. While the entirety of a laminate countertop can be effortlessly replaced, replacing only a small section is a more challenging task. Therefore, a person should always be careful with what materials they bring into contact with the laminate surface. Damage can detract from the appearance and functionality of the product, and fixing this damage may be an expensive job to complete. 

The Downside of Inexpensive Installation

The low cost of this kind of countertop is an advantageous quality for most prospective buyers, but there is a drawback associated with it. In the event that a person wishes to sell his or her home, the Formica countertops may not add much resale value to the home. These surfaces are so prevalent due to their inexpensive nature, and while this does not by any means make them worthless, they do not make the interior of a home standout. If people think they might sell their house in the near future, then Formica countertops are probably not the most appropriate investment to make.

Subtypes Available With Formica Countertops

Simply delineating the advantages and disadvantages of Formica countertops would be reductive to the brand. Not every product is created in the same way, and there are several subtypes of countertops available to customers.

The traditional laminate series is the most commonly utilized by customers. Available in nearly fifty different patterns, these products can be customized to suit nearly any environment. The PremiumFX line is part of the laminate series, but countertops of this type also come equipped with one of five premium finishes, which include high gloss, three-dimensional, and earthy finishes.

The 180FX laminate is five feet wide, which is much bigger in comparison to the 18-inch wide structure of the traditional laminate series. This subtype can provide a person with a countertop that has the appearance of marble, but unlike typical marble products, it is an inexpensive investment to make.

Solid surfacing is the newest addition to the Formica brand. It is nonporous in its composition and comes in a wide variety of finishes and patterns. Besides being used for countertops, solid surfacing is also suitable for vanities, sinks, and other custom projects.

Advantages of Formica Countertops

No matter the type of Formica countertop a person buys, there are several strengths and weaknesses inherent to this product. They are inexpensive to install, which can be a benefit for some people but a drawback for those who are planning to sell their home. There are an assortment of colors and styles that can be applied to Formica countertops, and this makes them an easy way to guarantee that the surface of a countertop does not clash with the design of a person’s home. The product is also easy to install and replace, preventing a person from succumbing to the frustrations that can come along with many home construction projects.

Disadvantages of Formica Countertops

The biggest drawback to Formica countertops is their overall vulnerability. Scratches and burns can be common occurrences with these products, and repairing the damage can be difficult, particularly if only a small section of the countertop is harmed. As long as a person is willing to be careful around these types of surfaces, laminate products could be an invaluable addition to many interior environments. They are among the most convenient choices of countertops, and everything from choosing the appropriate pattern to the process of installation is a relatively painless job to accomplish with them.

Last updated on Jan 12, 2017

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