Cost to Install Electrical Panels & Wiring

If you're updating an older home or putting on an addition, a new electrical panel and wiring may be needed to bring the house up to code. Installing electrical panels and wiring requires extreme care and skill, as working with electricity can lead to deadly consequences for inexperienced individuals. The cost of installing electrical wiring or panels depends on the scope of the project as well as whether any problems are encountered while doing the work.

National Install Electrical Wiring or Panel Costs

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National Install Electrical Wiring or Panel Costs
Average reported cost $1,107
Number of Cost Profiles 8257 cost profiles
Minimum reported cost $53
Maximum reported cost $3,000
Most homeowners spent between: $840 to $1,192

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Average Cost to Install Electrical Panels & Wiring

The average cost to hire an electrician to install an electrical panel and wiring is $1,175. Most homeowners pay between $960 and $1,395 to have this type of work completed, with a general maximum of around $2,220. This cost is for the electrician's services only and does not include any additional fees to secure permits for the work or for the supplies used in the project.

Considerations for Electrical Panel & Wiring Installation Project Costs

Several factors can increase or decrease general costs. If your home is older and still has live knob and tube wiring, this wiring will need to be removed before the new panel and wiring installation can be completed. If any other safety hazards or wiring problems are found during the project, these will need to be repaired as well. Upgrading the panel to a higher amperage of electrical service will add to the cost of the project, and wiring an entire house will cost more than wiring just one room. Wiring and panels that are more easily accessed will not cost as much to install or replace as wiring that is deeply buried within the walls and other spaces of a home.

If You're Trying to Install Electrical Panels & Wiring Yourself

Trying to install an electrical paneling and wiring yourself is not recommended. Improper technique or using incorrect materials when working with electricity can result in electrocution or electrical shock, and it could start a fire within the walls of your home. Electrical work that is not done properly may violate the electrical code. In some areas, if electrical work is not done by a licensed and bonded electrician, the homeowner may face fines until the work is redone. 

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