Kitchen Remodel Cost Guide

"How much does a kitchen remodel cost?" You want a general idea of the cost before meeting with designers, contractors, and retailers, and these professionals can't calculate the cost of every possible combination.

Select Your Project

Remodeling a kitchen is one of the most effective ways to raise the overall value of a home before selling, and it can be a wonderful way to give any home a face-lift. The cost of remodeling a kitchen can vary widely depending on the size and scope of your project, but this guide can help estimate your costs and give you a starting point for various upgrades and services.

Kitchen Countertops

One of the simplest ways to upgrade a kitchen is to have new countertops installed. If the old counters are worn out, outdated or just no longer your style, then this is a smart decision. The average cost of having new countertops installed is $3,401, but it is important to realize how much this can vary from project to project. The price will be dependent on the size of your kitchen, the simplicity of the layout and the materials used. Cheaper countertop materials include ceramic and laminate, and the more expensive options will typically be natural stone or an upscale acrylic like Corian.

New appliances

Choosing an appliance model is relatively straightforward. Just decide what your budget can handle, and then browse the prices until you find one that fits. However, it can be trickier to understand the cost of actually installing the appliance. Heavy items might be most expensive when it comes to shipping or delivery, but you will pay a premium for installing items that need to be connected to water pipes. Dishwashers and refrigerators, for example, should be installed by a plumber unless you have extensive DIY and plumbing knowledge yourself. The average cost of having an appliance installed in the kitchen is $471, but the good news is that few appliances will cost more than $500 to install, even in the most expensive cities.

Kitchen Flooring

To dramatically change the look of a kitchen, replacing the flooring is a natural choice. This is one area where homeowners with DIY experience might be able to take over the costs of labor, but you should be prepared for a lot of work if you take this route. However, it may be able to save you some of the average cost of flooring in a single room, which happens to be $2,995. Some flooring types are harder to install than others, and this will influence the overall price. Tile, laminate and vinyl are typically cheapest, and hardwood floors are often the most expensive to install in the kitchen. Installing kitchen flooring, cabinets and appliances are just some of the major expenses you might incur when remodeling a kitchen. The average cost of a complete kitchen remodel will run anywhere from a low of $7,504 all the way to the maximum of $40,000.