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How Much Does it Cost to Regrout Shower Tile?

One of the most important things homeowners can do for their showers is to regrout the tile. It's not always necessary to replace the tile in the bathroom; sometimes tile can be saved by simply regrouting it. Regrouting a shower is a lot cheaper than retiling and it can help prevent mold from forming behind the tiles that are already in place. Regouting is a process that should be done as soon as mold is seen or when the shower tiles become loose.

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The Costs

  • Minimum cost: $10 per square foot
  • Maximum cost: $25 per square foot

Regrouting a shower does not require a lot of materials, but it does require a lot of special tools. This is why most homeowners are able to save money by hiring a professional to regrout their bathroom. Contractors bring their own tools and the materials needed to regrout the shower. The basic material costs run between $180 to $420 depending on the quality of the grout and caulk purchased. The higher-end project cost also includes adding stain to the grout to color it. 

The cost for labor is what can get expensive. This is not because grouting is a hard process; it is just a very time-consuming project. Homeowners are not just paying for the contractor to put in new grout; they are also paying them to remove all of the existing grout. Doing this can take hours and is usually done with a utility knife. Although removing the existing grout is time consuming, it is a very necessary process to make sure that the new grout has a water-tight seal with the tile. Labor costs will be based on the amount of time that the entire project takes the contractor.


The basic materials needed for grouting include grout and caulk. However, a number of tools are also needed to regrout a shower correctly. Below is a full list of the tools that most professionals use when they regrout a shower:

  • Utility knife to remove existing grout
  • Dust mask to avoid inhaling mold and other dust while removing existing grout
  • Shop vacuum to clean up the existing grout that is removed
  • Caulk gun
  • Safety glasses
  • Drill
  • Grout
  • Stain, if the homeowner wants to color the grout

When to Regrout

Everyone knows that they are going to have to regrout the tile in their shower at some point. However, not everyone knows when it is time to regrout. Some grout will last longer than others, so there is no specific timeline for when a homeowner needs to regrout. Homeowners should look for mold build up on the grout. If this mold is not easily removed with household cleaners, it may be time to regrout. Homeowners must also pay attention to tiles that are becoming loose. This is an obvious sign that the grout in between the tiles is breaking down. Last but not least, always pay attention to areas of the shower where there could be water leakage. If homeowners think that an area of their shower is leaking or that water is getting in between the tiles, it may be time to regrout.

Increasing the Life of Grout

Regrouting is a process that takes a long time. As such, homeowners want their existing grout to last as long as possible. Regardless of whether it is new grout or old grout, there are a few things that homeowners can do to help protect it. First, they should avoid using harsh chemicals on the grout and instead look for chemicals that say they are safe to use on grout. Bleach, for example, can break down grout quicker. Most chemicals will have a label on the back to inform the purchaser if it is safe to be used on all types of grout or not. If the product does not say on its label, homeowners can look it up online. There are many online communities dedicated to helping consumers learn which products are safe to use on grout and which ones are not.

Also, homeowners should avoid using hard scrub brushes when cleaning grout. Such tough brushes slowly wear down grout over time. Scrubbing hard is also very tough on grout. Although scrubbing hard may be the only way to remove mildew stains from grout, homeowners should come up with another way to keep these stains at bay. For example, cleaning the grout more often but less vigorously will help increase the life of the grout. At the first sign of discoloration of the grout, homeowners should take action to clean it.

Advantages and Disadvantages

When it comes to regrouting a shower, homeowners have a few options. In fact, they can choose to retile their bathroom instead of just regrouting. In the process of retiling the bathroom, the old grout will be removed and new grout will be put in. That being said, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider in both cases.


The major advantage that comes with regrouting a shower is that it saves the homeowner money in the short term. Instead of spending a lot of money on buying new tiles and redoing everything, the homeowner is able to just remove the existing grout and put new grout in. Regrouting also helps keep the seal between tiles water tight. This will prevent water from leaking between the tiles and causing mold buildup. Regrouting can also help increase the value and visual appeal of any bathroom. The homeowner can even choose to add color to the new grout to change the entire look of the shower.


Although regrouting is cheaper than retiling, it does not last as long. While it might save money in the short term, retiling usually turns out to be a better investment in the long run. In addition, with retiling, the homeowner can choose a completely new look for their shower by picking out new tiles. Regrouting does not allow for this much change. Regrouting is also a very long and tiresome process. Installing new grout does not take very long, but the removing of the old grout does and can be quite messy as well.

Last updated on Jan 12, 2017

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