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Cost of Roof Sealing

Roofing work is a cost-effective choice for preserving the long-term value of a home. Unfortunately, having a contractor install a new roof or conduct a re-roofing job can carry a lot of upfront expenses. A more affordable alternative may be to have the roof sealed. The average cost nationally of having a contractor seal a roof is $845, with the normal range of prices going from $687 at the low end to $1,003 at the high end.

National Seal a Roof Costs

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National Seal a Roof Costs
Average reported cost $950
Number of Cost Profiles 219 cost profiles
Minimum reported cost $65
Maximum reported cost $3,900
Most homeowners spent between: $497 to $927

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Flat Versus Sloped Roofs

Roof sealing work has historically been intended only for buildings that have flat roofs, especially for commercial structures that have an existing rubber roof installation that may eventually become porous or brittle. Improvements in the quality of available roofing sealants have made sealing an option for homes that have sloped and shingled roofs. Sealing a shingled roof will come in at the high end of the price range because the sealant will need to be higher quality in order to do the job right. Sealing a shingled roof should be viewed as a stop-gap measure, delaying but not removing the need for re-roofing work to be performed in the future. 

A Word Of Caution On Quality

Any project on a sloped roof will come with a premium attached because the contractor is assuming greater risk by performing the job. Roof sealing projects have a tendency to be messy, especially when using the cheapest and runniest sealants. Paying extra for high-quality work is especially important when sealing a sloped roof because a runny sealant will find its way off the roof and onto the lower stories of the building, the ground and any vehicles or fixtures below. A homeowner should be sure to discuss with the contractor what sealant is being used and how high the risk is of it running off the roof.

A quality roof sealing project should begin with a thorough cleaning and inspection. Some contractors will charge for these services separately while others offer them free of charge, so homeowners should clarify this during the initial consultation. Homeowners should also be aware that costs will increase if a roof has extensive damage, as re-roofing may be a better option.

Making The Most Of A Roof Sealing

A roof sealing job will be the most effective when handled several years before the roof is close to the end of its anticipated life. It is important to know how old the house’s roof is and what the expected lifespan of the roofing materials used should be. While repeated sealing jobs cannot extend the life of a roof indefinitely, they can help owners add a few more years between re-roofing projects. This can have significant benefits for the pocketbook, allowing a homeowner to address other improvement, repair and maintenance projects in the meantime.

Last updated on Dec 22, 2016

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