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How Much Do Seamless Gutters Cost?

When it comes to exterior home improvement and maintenance, the first items that come to mind for most homeowners are roofing, siding and windows. In order for all of these home elements to withstand years of exposure, having gutters that are properly installed is essential. Because homeowners spend thousands of dollars with each home improvement project, protecting their assets and materials is a must. An alternative to traditional vinyl or aluminum sectional gutters are seamless gutters. Seamless gutters are gutters for the home that are all in one piece. There are no breaks or seams in the gutters where water and debris can seep in and lead to deterioration. The only seams in seamless gutters are where the inside and outside corners come together. They are virtually maintenance free and can be customized to match the homeowner’s siding.

The Costs

  • Average Minimum Cost: $ 800
  • Average Maximum Cost: $5,000 

Materials & Use

Seamless gutters are different from other gutters & eavestroughs because they are sized and made on the homeowner’s property. The entire home is measured, so a precise fit can be made. Using special machines and tools, the gutter is custom fit and then placed onto the sides of the home. Old gutters, brackets and eavestroughs are removed and recycled prior to installation. When it comes time to select the materials for seamless gutters, it's important to note there are several different types including aluminum, copper, vinyl and steel.

The most popular and most used type is aluminum because it is economical, durable, and easy to bend and shape. The difference between a seamless gutter and a traditional non-seamless gutter is the protective coating placed over the gutter. This allows for a more weatherproof result that resists breaking, bending, rusting and chipping. Aluminum is a popular choice in most climates—especially the northwest where winters are cold and ice forms on the roof. Most vinyl seamless gutters are backed with a five year or money-back warranty, depending on the contractor.

Copper is another popular seamless gutter type. It's meant to withstand years of abuse in harsh and unpredictable weather climates. Copper is a more expensive choice but the most long-lasting and durable of all materials. Copper also develops a greenish-blue patina over time, which is something sought after by many homeowners.

Vinyl gutters are also available, but most are prefabricated. While they are still seamless, they are not as durable of a choice as aluminum for a seamless-design option. Many vinyl seamless gutters can be found on pre-manufactured homes already set and installed in place. Special equipment is required to create a seamless finish for most vinyl seamless gutters.

Steel gutters are not as popular as other varieties but are available through specific contractors and seamless gutter manufacturers.

Advantages of Seamless Gutters

The main purpose of a gutter is to give water and snow a place to go rather than build up on the roof or around the perimeter of the home’s foundation. While seamless gutters are pricier than traditional gutters and can often range a few hundred dollars more, the long-term benefits are worth the extra cost. Some benefits include reduced risk of basement flooding, prolonged longevity of roof, soffit and fascia and less routine cleaning and flushing.

When a house is without gutters, the water can gather in low-lying areas around the foundation. This buildup can lead to sudden flooding that can damage the home’s interior. Over time, it can also lead to cracking and shifting of the foundation.

A seamless gutter system can improve the overall value of the home. It can also allow the roof and all sub-materials to receive adequate ventilation and reduce the risk of rot and damage to the shingles.

Many non-seamless gutters can get stopped-up with leaves and other blown debris. This can lead to an actual compost pile to start growing in the gutter. The weight of the soil, debris and other organic material can weigh down the gutter and cause it to pull on the fascia, leading to significant cosmetic damage.

The biggest advantage to selecting a seamless gutter over a traditional-style gutter is that it does a superb job of allowing rainwater to flow to downspouts without getting clogged. Unlike traditional gutters that often clog and rust, a seamless gutter does not have any weak spots. When used in conjunction with a gutter guard, the seamless gutter can be twice as effective, preventing leaves and other organic debris from stopping water flow.

Disadvantages of Seamless Gutters

While there are many advantages to having a seamless gutter system installed, there are a few drawbacks or disadvantages. The biggest one is the cost. Having seamless gutters installed can put a dent in a home improvement budget because they have to be custom built to fit the dimensions of the home. Most seamless gutters have to be installed by a business or contractor who specializes in the creation, design and installation. This can cause the price to spike. Often a seasonal business, the demand is higher in the spring and summer months, especially in northern climates.

Another disadvantage is trying to match up the gutters with existing construction. If the homeowner is trying to save money or only wishes to have the gutters replaced, it can be tricky to match up materials and colors. If the siding is older and weathered, finding a good color match can be a challenge.

It can also be difficult to match up seamless gutters with non-seamless gutters or different materials. Some homeowners only wish to replace certain areas of gutter, or they have a new addition and want to match up new gutters with existing ones. This can be hard to create the seamless look that the gutters project.

There are many reasons to choose seamless gutters. The installation of seamless gutters around the perimeter of the home increases the value of the home and sharpens curb appeal.

Last updated on Jan 21, 2016

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