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Zoysia Sod Cost

Zoysia grass is considered to be an invasive species because it will spread to other areas and replace other types of grass. However, when used as a form of sod, its vigorous and rapid growth and ability to tolerate heat make it an ideal solution in warm environments. Of course, those benefits do not come without a price. See their cost breakdown below and then, connect with a local landscaper who can help you with your sod installation project.

Zoysia Sod

  • The average cost of basic Zoysia sod is $.40 per square foot.
  • Mid-grade Zoysia sod costs from $.42 to $.50 per square foot.
  • The average price of the best quality of Zoysia sod is between $.45 and $.59 per square foot.

Benefits of Zoysia Sod

As drought affects many areas of the country, Zoysia is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective choice when watering restrictions are present. Additional benefits of Zoysia sod include:

  • Low maintenance. In warm growing conditions, Zoysia grows slowly. It will not have to be mowed as frequently as other grass.
  • Drought tolerance. Zoysia sod can withstand drought.
  • Vibrant color. When grown in a warm environment, Zoysia sod has a vibrant green color that can last all year long.
  • Eco-friendly option. Zoysia does not require much watering, which makes it an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Comfort. The thickness of Zoysia sod makes it comfortable for walking on in bare feet.
  • Weed-resistance. Due to its thickness and how it sends out runners to the sides of the plant rather than growing taller, Zoysia sod resists weed infiltration better than other types of sod.
  • Safety. Zoysia sod grows well without any need for pesticides or herbicides.
  • Self-healing ability. If a small patch of the Zoysia sod is damaged, the natural growth pattern of the grass will result in the damaged area being filled in with healthy growth in a short amount of time.
  • Conservation of soil. Zoysia sod offers great erosion prevention, especially on sloped areas.
  • Hardiness. Zoysia sod can tolerate thick clay, salty soil and dirt with only a thin layer of topsoil.

Uses of Zoysia Sod

Zoysia sod has many residential and commercial applications. It can be placed to start a new lawn after a home is built, to entirely replace a damaged lawn or to fill in an area of sparse growth. This type of sod is affordable enough to use on a large recreational area, or it can be placed around other decorative landscape elements such as rocks and stone pathways. Zoysia sod is ideal for preventing soil and water runoff, and it is popular as a ground cover in areas with full sun that other plants cannot tolerate. 

Types of Zoysia Sod

There are several different sub-types of Zoysia sod, each with its own unique characteristics. 

  • Zoysia Japonica is the basic variety most tolerant to cool growing conditions. Seeds are relatively easy to obtain.
  • Zoysia Matrella must be started as a sod. It is mid-grade grass and can can grow well in drought conditions as well as tropical warmth.
  • Zoysia Tenuifolia is the highest quality of Zoysia and must be started as sod. It offers lush growth and produces a thick carpet of grass. This type is drought and heat tolerant and grows in full sunshine.

How to Select the Best Zoysia Sod

When purchasing Zoysia sod, home and property owners should consider the growing conditions, soil type and purpose of the area where the sod will be laid. The best quality of Zoysia will hold up to more activity and foot traffic than basic grass. Property owners should purchase enough Zoysia sod to completely fill the area desired. When shopping, bright and vibrant green grass that stays strong when tugged or walked on is best.

Considerations When Using Zoysia Sod

Many gardeners and landscapers consider Zoysia sod to be a troublemaker when it is grown in colder climates. This is because under cool conditions, the grass may lose its vibrant green color. Due to its slow growing nature in cooler climates, it may not recover from frost and other types of damage as quickly as grasses more suited to cooler conditions. Homeowners should also be aware that Zoysia grass will spread into other areas, including flowerbeds and gardens, so it may be necessary to erect barriers such as edging or curbing to put a stop to the spread. Once Zoysia sod is laid, it is a persistent plant and will be difficult to eradicate if the home or property owner changes his or her mind. Buyers should also note that this type of sod does not hold up to heavy foot traffic and so may not be ideal for yards where pets and children play.

    Last updated on Jan 16, 2017

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