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The Cleanest Homes in America

Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t get away from having to clean the house. While a lucky 17 percent of Americans outsource their chores to housekeeping services, the rest of us spend an average of eight hours per month keeping our homes clean. With spring cleaning right around the corner, we wanted to find out: where are the cleanest homes in America? We surveyed 4,328 people across 21 major cities to find out.

How did we determine each city’s score? We asked residents about a spectrum of cleaning activities representative of both their time invested and the level of detail at which they work. Our spectrum covers fundamentals like dusting and dishes, as well as frequently overlooked details like light switches and TV remotes.

In addition to the city-level scores and rankings, we share national data, to give Americans a sense of how they measure up to their neighbors. These nine questions form the basis of the city-level scores. Check them out to see where you stand. Who knows, maybe you have the cleanest TV remote on your block!

Keeping a clean house can’t always be a one-person job, especially for people in relationships. Not surprisingly, women still feel that cleaning falls primarily on them. Of our female respondents, 61 percent said they clean more than their partner; only 15 percent said their partner cleans more.

That said, in some places there’s better-than-average parity. To salute this sharing of our dirtiest duties, we present a ranked list of cities where couples most evenly share the burden.

After seeing these numbers, does it feel impossible to keep up with your chores and keep your home at a healthy and pleasant level of cleanliness? If so, it may be time to make the investment in professional cleaning help. Remember it, doesn’t have to be every week or even every month—maybe you just start with seasonal deep cleans. Check out our resources to find a professional cleaning service near you.


From January 14 to January 31, 2020, we surveyed 4,326 people to learn about the cleanliness of their homes. Survey respondents were an average of 35 years old; 54 percent were female, 46 percent were male.

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