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10 Fun Summer Activities For Kids

By on Jul 3, 2017
10 Fun Summer Activities For Kids

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School’s out and the sun is shining. Kids are eager to enjoy their time off from school, while parents are looking for new ways to keep them entertained as well as spend quality time together.

If you’ve run out of new ideas to try this summer, we’ve got you covered. Both indoors and out, there are plenty of fun summer activities and projects you can do with your kids. While some can be a learning experience, others may make memories that last a lifetime.

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Start A Garden

1. Start A Garden

Gardening is an activity that all in the family can enjoy at any age. Start with some flowers or vegetables and watch them grow throughout the summer. This can be a great way to teach your children about how a seed becomes a plant and how to care for them, such as regular watering.

If you have had problems growing plants in your yard in the past, you might want to try container gardening. It’s a great way to ensure the quality of the plants and soil you’re using.

Lemonade Stand

2. Lemonade Stand

Regardless of where you live, lemonade stands are a hit in any neighborhood. It’s the perfect summer afternoon activity for kids and a good way to teach them a little about business. Have them purchase the lemonade, make it and then sell it to those passing by. You can explain various aspects of sales, finance and business in a way they can understand. Never leave children unsupervised at a lemonade stand.

Oversize Outdoor Games

3. Oversized Backyard Games

You may have seen these games in stores, but did you know you can make extra-large versions yourself? These games are not only great to keep children entertained, but if you’re having a party, adults will enjoy them just as much. Here are a few ideas:

  • Giant Kerplunk can be made using a tomato cage, wooden dowels and small plastic balls.
  • Paint the ends of 2” x 4” wooden blocks. Stack them to make giant Jenga.
  • Use pool rings and a noodle to create a giant ring toss.
  • Cut out square 12” x 12” cardboard pieces and paint letters on them to create backyard Bananagrams.

4. Tie-Dye Clothing

A summer favorite that never gets old. Set up a tie dying station outside and enjoy making your own designs together. Use rubber bands to twist your clothing together and use dye in bottles to spray your clothing. Be generous with your dye as it needs to soak through multiple layers. But remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect!

Tie-dying kits can be found in most major craft stores or online. You can start with fresh white shirts or, choose older clothing. Try other items too such as socks, fabric napkins and more. Kids will have a blast with this outdoor summer time activity.

10 Fun Summer Activities For Kids

5. Create A Scavenger Hunt

Looking to keep your kids busy for an afternoon? Challenge them to a scavenger hunt. Leave clues throughout the house and yard leading to a treasure at the end. Make sure each clue you give is safe and to the child’s comprehension level. The treasure can include a trip to their favorite ice cream shop, freshly-baked cookies, or a water balloon fight. Get creative!

Have A Picnic

6. Have A Picnic

You don’t have to go far to have a fun picnic outside. Whether it’s the park nearby or simply in your backyard, kids will have blast packing their own lunch and eating it somewhere new. Finger foods are best. Here are a few ideas of kid-friendly picnic foods that are perfect for summer:

  • Grapes
  • Carrots
  • Apple Slices
  • Small Sandwich Triangles
  • Watermelon
  • Blueberry Muffins
  • Ants On A Log (Celery, filled with peanut butter & raisins)

Create A Scrapbook

7. Create A Scrapbook

You can make memories together by preserving the ones you already have. Show kids a new hobby they can take up for life. Print a few photos from your last family gathering or even last summer. Pick up scrapbooking materials such as stamps, stickers, photo-safe glue and stock paper. Have kids help put together a scrapbook that can last for years to come.

Try A Science Project

8. Try A Science Project

While school may be out of session, you can help them learn something new. There are many DIY science projects you can try this summer. Here are a few ideas:

  • Place an egg in vinegar and watch the shell dissolve. This normally takes up to a day or two to complete. Explain to your child how the acid in the vinegar deteriorates the shell to make a “naked egg.”
  • A favorite for all, the reaction between vinegar and baking soda. Make your own home volcano by combining these two and watching it explode. Explain how the chemical reactions work together.
  • Fill three cups of water with different colors of food coloring. Using celery, cut the end of the stalks so the leaves stick out of the cup. Kids will be able to see how water moves throughout a plant.

10 Fun Summer Activities For Kid

9. Create Marshmallow Towers

For future architects, this will be a family favorite. Using toothpicks and mini-marshmallows, allow kids to create tall structures, or “buildings,” by sticking and stacking them together. This is a fun project for grade school children as younger children may hurt themselves on the toothpicks.

DIY Stepping Stones

10. DIY Stepping Stones

Have your children help with the outdoor décor! Some craft stores sell stepping stone kits, but you can create your own. You’ll need a stepping stone mold, quick-set concrete, tiles, marbles, glass stones and more. Mix the concrete and pour in the mold before giving to your child to decorate. Let it dry completely before removing from the mold. This is a project that can be a memorable addition to your yard for years to come.


This summer, plan some fun activities for you and your family to do together. There are plenty of fun ideas to try that all will enjoy.

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