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10 Kitchen Color Schemes That Work

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By on Oct 10, 2016
10 Kitchen Color Schemes That Work

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One of the most important rooms in your home is the kitchen. It’s where people gather to share a meal and be together. As you can anticipate many people enjoying this space, you’ll want to make it comfortable for all.

Picking the perfect color scheme for your kitchen can seem challenging. There are many options available that it’s overwhelming to think of what the best kitchen colors may be. Here are a few color palates based on current kitchen color trends to help create a space everyone can enjoy.

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Neutral Kitchen

Matching Your Color Scheme

One concern you may have when choosing the perfect color palate for your kitchen is how it will match with your cabinetry and appliances that are already in place. Typically, darker finishes and appliances will do well with warm, contemporary or bright colors. While kitchen colors with white cabinets do well with bolder and pastel colors, or even other shades of white, because they already do a great job of brightening up the room.

White Kitchen

1. Variations Of White

If you love what’s trending right now, creating a kitchen with variations of white is hot. Subway tiles and mixed shades of white can truly make your kitchen feel bright and clean as you cook. This is a timeless color scheme and is great if you’re going for a farmhouse kitchen look.

Warm Kitchen

2. Warm & Wonderful

Surround yourself with warmth as you cook with colors that reflect how you feel. Use light reds, oranges and yellow hues. Benjamin Moore makes a perfect warm color palate that’s great for a cozy kitchen called Spicy & Modern Yellow. It utilizes a soft shade of white to really make the trim pop.

Cool Kitchen

3. Cool & Calm

From everyday cooking to small gatherings the kitchen tends to be an active center of the home. Give yourself, your family and guests a relaxed feel with a cool kitchen color scheme. Use soft greens or blues on kitchen walls and compliment with a light gray for the trim.

Yellow Kitchen

4. Bright & Yellow

The kitchen should be a cheerful place and your paint. By using yellow, you can either go bold and contemporary with sleek cabinet hardware and stainless steel appliances, or choose a lighter yellow for a vintage look. Behr has a great color palate with Upbeat yellow as it’s wall color and soft white and black as accents, giving it an ageless appeal.

turquoise kitchens

5. Bold & Turquoise

If you’re going for a retro look, turquoise is it. This is my latest favorite in kitchen color trends. It’s a bold color, but not shocking and comes in many different shades. If you’re not feeling risky, go with a softer turquoise with white or crème accents. If you want your kitchen to truly make a statement, go with a brighter turquoise and incorporate various shades of light blue or green, with accents of gray.

Red Kitchen

6. Red & Romantic

If you are interested in how color impacts our mood and well-being. Red is a color, often associated with love and romance, but did you know that it also can also increase appetite and stimulate your metabolism. This makes red a great choice for your kitchen! If you think red might be too bold, think again. As Pittsburgh Paints suggests, a brown red can really add the right amount of color without being shocking. See their Classic Kitchen color palate featuring Baked Bean red for the walls.

Olive Green Kitchen

7. Go Green

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If you’re goal is a healthy lifestyle, painting your kitchen in shades of green can help promote that. When it comes to the psychology of color, green helps promote health and cleanliness. So naturally, painting your kitchen green can aid in helping you make smart choices. A bright green typically works best with stainless steel, black or white appliances and cabinets for a modern look. Mix and match dark green walls with light green trim and accents to create a unique look for your kitchen.

Purple Kitchen

8. Pleasant & Purple

While less common in kitchens, purple will give you a modern look that really pops. If you’re daring enough, purple can give you a kitchen unlike anyone else. While a light lavender purple is soothing, I really enjoy a deep purple that pops. If you love the color, but aren’t ready to risk it just yet, try painting a purple accent wall to still get the colorful look you desire.

Pastel Kitchen

9. Mix & Match Pastels

If you’d like to add some color to your all white color scheme, pastel is the perfect splash of color you need without taking away from the brightness of your kitchen. The bonus here is that it’s easy to mix and match your favorite pastels. The Sherwin-Williams color forecast for 2017 shows multiple pastels in their lineup, such as a light pastel blue called “Mountain Air” and a soft pink called “Casa Blanca” that would be the perfect addition to a pastel kitchen color scheme.

Traditional Cabinets

10. Naturally Neutral

Of course, it does not take bold colors to make a beautiful kitchen. Find contrasting neutral colors that complement each other and use throughout the room. Various shades of brown can really warm a room. Gray is also very trendy right now and easy to incorporate for a fresh look.

Gray is a color that is hot right now and can look great with a variation of appliances and cabinetry. A light gray with a few pops of your favorite color as an accent can transform the look of your kitchen into one that you’ll love for a long time.


Your kitchen is a place to let your creativity shine, not only in meals but in your kitchen décor as well. Get inspired to create great gatherings and meals with the perfect color scheme in your kitchen.

Do you have a kitchen color scheme that you love? Share with us in the comments below!

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