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10 Must-Have Supplies In Your Cleaning Closet For A Spotless Home

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By on Oct 14, 2016
10 Must-Have Supplies In Your Cleaning Closet For A Spotless Home

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Household cleaning is a task that many procrastinate. Yes, it’s time consuming. But procrastination can be a result of not knowing what cleaning supplies are essential to have for your home.

Chores can be made much easier, even enjoyable, with the help of cleaning supplies. Before you start your cleaning routine, make sure you cleaning closet is fully stocked with these 10 best cleaning supplies.

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Baking Soda

1. Baking Soda

One of the most versatile cleaning products, that’s not technically a cleaning product, is baking soda. I always have it in my line-up of cleaning supplies and is especially helpful when it comes to removing stains from fabric. It’s also a great way to keep your cleaning sustainable and safe, as baking soda is family friendly.


2. White Vinegar

White vinegar is another product that our family never goes without. Yes, it can add flavor to many dishes, but did you know it can also aid in cleaning your cabinets, getting out stains or refreshing your coffee pot?

Pair with baking soda that can truly fight against anything. My favorite place to use this combination is in the sink. Sprinkling the sink with baking soda first, I make sure to cover the drain completely. Next, I slowly pour vinegar a little at a time allowing to fizz and form a paste. After letting the paste form, I scrub with a sponge or towel and rinse down the drain, leaving my sink sparkling clean again!

Dish Soap And Cleaner

3. Multi-Purpose Cleaner

For surfaces anywhere in the house, a multi-purpose cleaner is great to always have on hand. Be sure that the cleaner you choose is a disinfectant to fight off germs.  There are many different types of multi-purpose cleaners in a variety of styles. I prefer the spray bottles as I can get the most for my money while still taking away dirt and grease. If you like to DIY, check out this tutorial to make your own all-purpose cleaner from DIY Natural.

4. Dish Soap

This may seem obvious to you, of course you need dishwashing liquid by your sink. However, your standard dish soap is good for more than just cleaning pots and pans, making it a must have for your cleaning arsenal. Actually, by adding a few drops to hot water, you now have the perfect solution to clean marble and granite tile. You can also use this same solution to wash your windows and leave them sparking clean.

5. Stainless Steel Polish

I didn’t know I needed this as a cleaning staple until I didn’t have it. Stainless steel cleaner and polish is used frequently in our home to get rid of finger prints and water parks on our appliances. I try to stick with a foam cleaner and a microfiber cloth and to get the best results, wiping with the grain.


6. A Quality Broom

If you sweep only to find dirt residue on your floor, it’s time to upgrade your broom. Purchase a quality broom that has densely packed bristles and an angle to get into tricky corners. You will be surprised at what a difference it makes in your home.

Microfiber cloth

7. Microfiber Sweeper

After you sweep, you’ll want to clean what the broom cannot capture. A microfiber sweeper is handy for this, especially on wood floors where it’s best to not mop frequently. Use this in your daily cleaning routine to keep dust and allergens out of your home.

8. Melamine Cleaning Sponge

While you may not use this item daily, I’m sure there are streaks and stains that could use the help of a melamine cleaning sponge. With the help of water, this sponge removes marks from walls, floors and virtually any other surface like a giant eraser. It’s especially handy on tough to remove grease and rust stains as well. Be careful on painted walls as too much pressure could leave a mark. Do not use on wood paneling as it could ruin the finish.

Essential Oil For Cleaning

9. Essential Oils

Essential oils are an essential part of your cleaning supply. Why? Because beyond their great, aromatic smells, many essential oils have antifungal and antimicrobial properties that can give your household cleaning that extra boost. If you enjoy making your own cleaning supplies, it’s important to keep favorites like lavender and lemon on hand to add into your mixtures.

10. Cleaning Caddy

Your cleaning supplies are not complete without the help of a cleaning caddy to keep them all together. Avoid running up and down stairs to fetch a new supply when you can carry them all with you. Find one in your favorite color and fill with these cleaning supplies to make easy work of chores.


While cleaning can be a tedious task, you can make it more enjoyable by being prepared with versatile and useful cleaning supplies. Set up a schedule so you know when and what you’ll have to clean to continue to take the guesswork out of your household chores.

Looking for more ways you can have a house that’s sparkling clean? Read 7 Easy House Cleaning Solutions for more tips.

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